17 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Mum the Happiest Mum Ever

Mother's Day Gift Guide - 17 creative and inexpensive Mother's Day Gift Ideas plus $ 250 giveaway

You are probably starting to think about Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, right? For some people, it’s really hard to come up with gift ideas. For me not so much.

So, I thought I’d write things down, that popped into my mind for this year’s Mother’s Day. And it would really make me happy if this Mother’s Day gift guide is of any help to you!

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  1. find THE PERFECT gift to show your Mom that you care,
  2. finally, sit down and make something with your hands aka DIY, or
  3. find a store-bought Mother’s Day gift your Mom will absolutely adore!

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1 – DIY Mother’s Day Cards + Envelope

Nothing can beat a handmade card with a personal note inside, don’t you think?

My Mums greatest hobby is writing postcards and letters to friends and family.

I can remember a time (as those dang hormones made me a super cranky teenager) when I totally hated it that she made me send a gazillion postcards whenever we were on vacation.

Now, as a grown-up, I can see all the LOVE in this process: It makes her happy to send the cards and it makes us happy to receive them and even respond. As this makes her happy again, lol. See?

Sending one postcard can create a cycle of happiness

Floral Mixed-Media Mother’s Day Card

This year’s Mother’s Day card for my Mum and she absolutely loved it! I know, it’s not Mother’s Day already, but I’ll be on a three-week vacation in May, visiting friends in the US.

floral mixed media card with crocheted heart for Mother's Day

Cricut Love Card by P.S. I Love You Crafts

Hearts & flowers, what’s not to love on this card?

Heart-shaped Cricut Love Card made by Pam from PS I Love You Crafts

Embossed Mother’s Day card by The Inspiration Vault

So much detail and even gold in this one. I love it!

Handmade embossed Mother's Day card by The Inspiration Vault

DIY Envelope + Watercolor Card

DIY Cards never come with envelopes. Learn in this post the ultimate recipe on how to make one in any size you want!

DIY handmade envelope and water color greeting card

2 – Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s always a great gift idea to make something by yourself, with your own hands. This will show your Mother that you truly care!

When DIY-ing a gift you are giving away your most precious good: your time!

Your Mother won’t care if you spend 10 bucks or 100, she won’t ever want to part with that gift made by her own flesh and blood.

Ever-Blooming Rose-Bush + a DIY Upcycled Glass Bottle Vase

This image shows an ever blooming diy paper rose bush made out of pink, violet and green construction paper. Quick and easy recycling craft project: DIY upcycled painted glass bottles turned vases

Heart Thumbprint Key Chain

Heart Thumbprint Key Chain by Marie from The Inspiration Vault

Painted Rock Photo Holder

learn how to make this diy bird painted rock photo holder in 10 minutes

Wall Art for the Creative Mother

craft room wall art decor string art melted crayon thread box

Is your Mom into

3 – Even More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas…

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Here are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas you don’t need to DIY.

Take Your Mom on a Staycation

My Mum and I share the love for musicals, a good show or the circus. You could plan a fun night out together and to top things off, you could book a hotel for the night.

Out for drinks with my mom on Mother's Day. One tip from an excellent gift guide containing card making projects, simple crafts and frugal shopping tips.

Wouldn’t it be great to reside in a darling little hotel after a fun night in the city? Sipping cocktails at the bar and chatting before a good nights sleep and a wonderful breakfast together. Ahhhh that sounds like BLISS!

Book a Staycation Now & Save $15:
I’ve booked the hotels for my last trip to London (to get my flower tattoo on my right arm) and to Dublin, this March (mostly I’m traveling over my birthday) over at booking.com and have been suuuuuper happy with my finds.

Have you ever tried that booking platform? I scored excellent prices, even for a staycation in Munich this spring, that I kinda booked very much last minute.

Gosh, this post is long. Too much personal info? Basically, what I am trying to say with all that is, another Mother’s Day gift idea could be for you to book a staycation today + save another $15 on top of any special offer when using this link: booking.com.

Dress your Mom in Style

My Mum is a very special person. She has managed to preserve her inner child and I love her all the more for that fact! My Mum loves to dress in comfy sweatshirts and bright colors. She doesn’t do make-up and is a very natural person.

I often make her unique t-shirts and sweatshirts to match her personality and she wears them all the time!! ?

My mom wearing a sweatshirt I designed for her last year for Mother's Day. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

Last year, I made her this sweatshirt reading Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. and I am now selling it on Merch by Amazon. It’s my first t-shirt design I’ve made available for my readers to purchase.

Please, tell me if you like it and would love to see more!

I know for a fact that this Less Bitter, More Glitter Shirt by my friend Pam from P. S. I Love You Crafts was made with the same love at heart as I make the shirts and sweaters for my Mum. And as all Mothers strive for harmony & happiness I am totally convinced that your Mum will absolutely adore this! Order it today.

Electronics Update

I don’t know about your Mother, but mine will always make sure everyone else has everything they need before she invests one Cent on herself.

The other weekend she asked me if I could help her find a certain channel on her TV. I tried but even if I were a rocket scientist it wouldn’t have been possible as her super old box TV simply won’t support that channel.

My Mum would rather not watch that channel instead of buying a new TV because “this one is working perfectly fine”. So I simply went online and found her a new TV that was also on sale. And guess what, she likes it a lot!

If your Mum’s TV is just fine, think about other possibilities to up her electronics game:

Need some more inspiration? All Free Holliday Crafts or Country Living have quite a big selection of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.


PS: Click HERE for all my creative Gift Wrapping Ideas – Learn How to Wrap a Gift + Tips on Bow-Making, Adding Gift Tags & Supply Storage here. Did you know that you can hand-print a darling heart pattern on brown paper within minutes? Or simply DIY your gift bags yourself?

How to wrap a gift. Easy step-by-step instructions.

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