How to Wrap a Gift + Tips on Bow-Making, Gift Tags & Supply Storage

How to wrap a gift. Easy step-by-step instructions.

To know how to wrap a gift is essential! Why? Because, there are many people out there (like me) that would be super content with receiving a nicely wrapped present even if the said gift would merely be an empty box, lol.

For all day today, I tried to remember who taught me how to wrap a gift. Unfortunately, it won’t come to mind. Probably I just watched my Mom gift wrapping and eventually tried myself.

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What I do know, though, is that I picked up some advanced present wrapping skills while paying close attention to a shop clerk wrapping gifts during the holidays. Also, I think you need to know that gift wrapping is not my favorite activity, but once I start I can lose myself in the process as I want to make sure that they look as pretty as possible.

So beware, this might happen to you, too.

How to Wrap a Square or Rectangle Present

Obviously, wrapping a square or rectangle gift is the easiest. Gift wrapping can be a bit trickier if you have a round or a triangle present or even an unshapely one.

A great tip is to simply use an empty box you have at hand to transform every weird shaped gift into a rectangle form.

How to tie a bow for gift wrapping

What Supplies You’ll Need For Gift-Wrapping

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what you need to wrap a gift - gift wrapping paper, scotch gift wrap cutter, tape

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Easy to follow Step-by-Step Instructions

use scotch gift wrap cutter for best results

Using a gift wrap cutter you’ll cut a piece of wrapping paper. By placing the present on top of the paper you’ll make sure you’ll cut enough of it.

I brought this wonderful helper home from a trip to the US years ago, and I wouldn’t want to miss it!

fold the edge over for neat gift wrapping

Fold over an inch or two to achieve an even edge.

the very basics of giftwrapping

First bend over the unfolded top end of your wrapping paper and then the previously folded bottom side. This way you will end up having a nice sharp & clean edge.

Have your tape at the ready. It took me forever to find the same exact one I have – it doesn’t seem to very common in the US.

tips and tricks for giftwrapping

For this next step there are several techniques available. This one is not the easiest (I observed it while Christmas shopping one day), but I just love how clean it will look in the end. I hope you do give it a try?!

The goal is to fold two triangles now. One on the top and one on the bottom. To achieve this, you will fold the sides inwards and make a crease with your fingers.

folding ends of wrapping paper inwards

Again, push the paper inwards using your index finger and then crease it on the top and bottom.

this is what you do for nice edges while gift wrapping

Now you have two triangles. Fold the top one downwards. In the end, it won’t be visible anymore.

how to wrap a gift like a boss

To achieve clean edges we’ll flap the end over again.

fold the edges for a perfectly wrapped gift

Twice. This way there won’t be any raw edge visible.

Have your tape at the ready (this is the same exact one I have) so you won’t lose your hold. If you don’t want any tape to be visible, you could easily use glue dots.

tape the gift shut

Tape one end shut and repeat the process on the other side.

gift wrapping 101

How To Add A Bow To Your Gift

There are so many options you guys!

gift wrapping made easy

Cut a length of twine or ribbon. I suggest you cut enough. It’s easier to cut excess off than to add to it, lol.

You will place your bakers’ twine or ribbon under the gift you are wrapping. Make sure that the side you want to be the top is facing downwards right now.

Tip: Each piece of your twine or ribbon you are holding should be about the same length.

this is how you add a bow to a present

Cross the ends you are holding over.

Tip: Same as with photography it can look nice if you follow the rule of two-thirds. Meaning that you will place the crossing of your twine not exactly in the middle of the present you are decorating, but slightly to the right or left.

bakers twine gift wrapping idea

Flip the gift over and thread each end of your twine or ribbon under the horizontal line. This will make the next step a little easier.

how to decorate a gift

Now, tie a knot. Sometimes, if you are using a slippery ribbon, a double knot is even better.

How to tie a bow for gift wrapping

Lastly, make a bow and cut off excess ends.

Decorating  A Gift With Accessories

If you are going for a brown paper gift wrap present (which is a totally green decision as the brown paper is recyclable) but want to add a little extra, you could hand-print a pattern on it or add little accessories. The possibilities are endless, really depending on your taste and the occasion. Here are just a few ideas:

Labeling The Gift With The Recipients Name + A Lovely Note

Write On The Gift Directly

You could simply write the name of the recipient on the brown paper using a black artist pen. Gold, silver, or bronze metallic Sharpies are a nice color choice for Christmas, I think.

Use A Gift Tag

If you don’t want to directly write on the present, that’s totally ok, too. You can either use blank gift labels and write on them. Here’s a great idea: You could even decorate them using stickers or stamps. Or you can buy pre-designed ones. These would be adorable for Christmas, don’t you think?

DIY A Unique Gift Tag

I’ll be sharing soon a super cute gift tag idea that will perfectly fit this style of gift wrapping. If you don’t want to miss out, please make sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

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Add a Card

Find DIY Cardmaking inspiration & tutorials HERE.

How to Store Gift Wrapping Supplies

I store my ribbon in boxes and I have a nifty hack to store my wrapping paper in a bin. See for yourself in my Craft Room Tour HERE.

Look what I found while browsing the web!

One day, when I have a grown up craft room instead of my little corner in my bedroom, I’ll have my very own gift wrapping station!

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Who will you wrap your next gift for? And what design do you have in mind?


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  1. Such a useful how-to that can be used year-round. Brown paper packages tied up with string are my favs. Really pretty photos, too. Happy holidays!

    1. Thank you, Leslie. They are my favourites, too! I am an amateur photographer but have my lucky moments every now and then, lol. That weekend was a good one. All pics I’ve taken turned out fab!

  2. Thank you for showing the brown paper! It is recyclable and most of the other gift wrap papers are not. 🙂

  3. Brown paper and bakers twine is the perfect combination. I love wrapping gifts!
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

    1. Thank you, Teresa! When it comes to gift wrapping I am a big procrastinator, but once I started it is kinda fun. I guess I have to admit that, lol.

  4. I do try hard to wrap gifts nicely. I think it is what’s inside that matters but it is exciting to get a beautifully wrapped present too!

    1. I remember that my dad wrapped our presents in newspaper. Inside were wooden toys or accessories he diy-ed for us. We loved them and I think I should give those newspaper wrapped pressies a go in his remembrance

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