Beaded Suncatcher Mobile DIY

learn how to make a beaded suncatcher DIY to make your garden more colorful

I don’t own a garden and yet I often make easy decor elements like this Beaded Suncatcher Mobile DIY to add a pop of colour and sparkle to a garden. I guess I am visualising this dream of mine so I’ll be ending up having the luxury of my very own garden soon, lol.

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Supplies for Beaded Suncatcher Mobile DIY

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supplies for an easy to make sparkly home decor suncatcher

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How to make a Sparkly Beads & Sequins Hoop Wind Spinner

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Sparkly seaquined and beaded suncatcher hoop mobile to add a pop of colour to your garden. Click through for a detailed tutorial on how to make this wind spinner for little money. #craftifymylove #suncatcher #windwpinner #windchime #DIYgardendecor #summercraft #DIYhomedecor

You could buy ready-made wire structures for your wind spinner or suncatcher. They come in many different shapes, too! However, I decided on bending the hoops from some left over galvanized steel wire I had from this super fun Sparkly Butterfly or Fairy Wings tutorial.

frugal garden DIY bent wire beads and sequins suncatcher or wind spinner

And although this months theme for the Bring on the Crafts Blog Hop is buttons & beads I used sequins & beads. I’m sure you won’t mind, right? I do have lots of buttons in my craft stash, but they are not very sparkly. And I felt this suncatcher needs all the shimmery and reflecting supplies I could find.

making the rings for a beaded rainbow hoop suncatcher mobile DIY

Tip: It’s worth investing in a view different plastic containers if you work with beads, sequins, or buttons. I have two of these biggish blue boxes with different compartments and lots of little round or containers. All goes in one big box dedicated for jewelry making.

6 Simple Steps to DIY your Beaded Suncatcher Mobile

How to make a sparkly beaded windchime windspinner or suncatcher #craftifymylove #suncatcher #windspinner #beadscraft #sequins #homedecor #gardendesign #kidscraft

  1. Cut a length of jewelry or craft wire that is a little longer than the hoop you’ll be decorating it with. Start threading beads and sequins in no particular order.
  2. Use galvanized steel wire to bend your first hoop. You’ll need diagonal cutting pliers to cut the length you need. Tip: Find a round object to wrap your wire around. This way you’ll end up having an almost perfect circle or hoop. I found my gummy bear jar (only red ones in there, as they are my favourite) and munched some of them while crafting, too. Curl the ends outwards using some nose pliers.
  3. Once your beads & sequins string is done, attach one end around one curled in end of your DIY hoop. Now, start twisting your decorated craft wire loosely around the hoop.
  4. Use the end of your craft or jewelry wire to tie both ends of your hoop together so you don’t have a kind of horse shoe shape but an actual hoop.
  5. Once you’ve finished your second hoop (or as many as you wish), use jump rings to join them together. This way the different elements will twist nicely when your mobile catches a soft breeze.
  6. For a little extra fun, add some satin ribbon to the very bottom of your wind chime. You’ll learn how to easily curl it further down in this tutorial.

Little Extras to Spruce up this Frugal DIY Garden Decor

I felt the space in the middle of my inner hoop needed a little extra

sparkly DIY wind spinner garden decor project

So I threaded some more sequins and pearls and hung that string in the centre.

Playful curls add even more charm to this cute wind spinner

how to curl ribbon the easy way

Simply apply some Mod Podge to the ribbon using your fingers and curl it around a pencil. Let dry for a view minutes and untwist.

If your suncatcher will live inside your home, hairspray will work, too!

Shiny pretty things & tiny bells

detailed look at sparkly beads and sequins suncatcher mobile DIY

I could sit next to my little mobile for hours and marvel at the pretty colours of all those sequins and beads. Once the sun shines on them, they change colour, and when the wind catches the little mauve bells my sun catcher even turns into a playful wind chime.

Where would your little suncatcher live? On your porch? In your kitchen window, or in a lush green bush in your garden? If need be, you’ll find more garden & outdoor decor inspiration over at


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  1. What a precious suncatcher. Love the whimsical beads and embellishments you used for it. So delicate and pretty.

    1. Thank you, Leslie. I can’t wait to see it dangling from a lush green twig. Probably will need to gift it someone with a garden.

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