Butterfly Themed Couples Costume for Halloween

awesome couples costume idea you can easily make yourself. Butterfly catcher and butterfly

I love to dress up and DIY at least part of the costumes if I find the time. Last year, when I spent my first Fasching (which is a German tradition in February) with Markus, I came up with this super cute butterfly themed couples costume.

When I was a child, we didn’t celebrate Halloween in Germany. But over the last decade I think, this US tradition swapped over to Germany. Yay for me – now I get to dress up twice a year!

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If you are looking for not just a couples costume, but a family costume, this idea is expendable! Check out the possibilities I’ve had in mind further down in the post.

How To Put Together A Butterfly Themed Couples Costume

It’s actually pretty simple if you think of it. Every woman I know loves to dress up as a sparkly winged creature. If you call it fairy or butterfly doesn’t really matter, right?

And every man out there can call himself lucky if he manages to catch one of these sparkly creatures in his life and keep her forever.

So, there you have it!

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Stunning DIY couples costume for a monarch butterfly and a butterfly catcher. Click for full tutorials! #craftifymylove #couplescostume #halloween #costumeidea #butterflycostume

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The female part of a gorgeous couples costume: The Butterfly

ready for take off - strapped on butterfly or fairy wings

I love butterflies and fairies and to dress up as such. So I have not just one set of DIY wings at home, but two! I protocoled the production process in detail and put detailed tutorials for you together.

You might think that this sounds intimidating, but really they are very easy to make!

Also, a butterfly needs a set of antennae, right? So here is the how to for your perfect accessory:

If you don’t feel like DIY-ing your costume this year, you can find super cute butterfly costumes HERE.

Add Accessories to your Butterfly Costume

I have been wearing this costume several times now and I like to mix things up a bit. What I tend to do is the following:

  • I wore an orange wig to my set of orange monarch butterfly wings.
  • Simply glue a little paper monarch butterfly to your cheek bone using eyelash glue. I simply printed one out from the internet, and bent it in the middle so the wings would stand up.
  • You could wear a dress with a butterfly pattern.
  • You could wear matching accessories such as butterfly earrings, necklace, ring or handbag (I have one by Accessories covered in little pink flowers – if you look closely, you can see it in the picture further up in the post).

The male part of this gorgeous butterfly themed couples costume: A Butterfly Catcher

I made the safari shirt for Markus out of a thrifted dress shirt and a thrifted cargo pants. You can read up how I’ve DIYed his butterfly catcher costume HERE.

thrifted shirt and trousers for diy butterfly catcher costume

I bought the helmet and the butterfly net on Amazon and added little crocheted butterflies I already had at home. Eventually I will come round and share the tutorial for them here on my blog, too. So don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter to get notified!

Don’t care to DIY and rather BUY?

If you’re on a tight schedule, couldn’t find the perfect clothes in the thrift store, or simply are not really into sewing this costume yourself, you can easily buy all the different parts on Amazon.

Easily turn this couples costume into a family costume

Caterpillar Kids Costume

If you have a baby or a toddler, you could DIY a little caterpillar costume. I’ve saved a couple PIN’s on my Pinterest board with costume ideas for kids for you HERE.

Or you can buy some pretty cute ones HERE.  There is even a crocheted one for a baby that looks absolutely handmade!!!.

Butterfly or Butterfly Catcher Kids Costume

Or you could make a butterfly costume for your little girl or a butterfly catcher junior one? Depending on their age, maybe you could even craft it together?

kids fairy costume that can work as butterfly costume, too

Admittedly these wings are a bit big. But this pretty butterfly was handling them very well while attending a wonderful fairy festival.

Have you decided? Is this for you? I’d love to see an image of you all dressed up as a sparkly butterfly and her handsome butterfly catcher.

If this butterfly themed Halloween costume idea is not for you, that’s ok, too! Why not check out this crazy list of 107 DIY Halloween costume ideas for adults, kids, and pets by Favecrafts.com.


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  1. Cutest couple costume idea. So easy to! I love love love Halloween & I’m so glad it’s spreading! DIYing a costume makes it so special to me. #bringonthecrafts

    1. Hi Jenny, thank you so much!!! I love making costumes myself for the same exact reason. They become extra special. Can’t wait to see your Halloween craft!

  2. You look so beautiful Habiba! You know how I feel butterflies themes can go year round! I love your hair push backed like that GORGEOUS!!!

    1. Awwwwww, Shauna! Thank you so much for all the compliments. I love dressing up as a butterfly ?

  3. This is too cute! I love the socks!! To me, they make the outfit! Very cute and creative. Pinned! Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Hope to see ya next week!

  4. Cute! I usually don’t dress up for Halloween, but I can see that this is perfect for a couple.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party!

    1. Thanks again, Teresa! I’m happy you like this costume idea. Markus isn’t a big fan of dressing up, either. I am really grateful he joined in on the fun, though. We’ve had a blast at the party.

    1. Thank you, Julie, for pinning and for teaching me new terminology in English. I didn’t know about fancy dress

  5. This is a great couples costume, and it must have been so fun to put together! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday. I’m going to include your costume in my Party Features next week. We’d love to have you come by again and share another project or two!

    1. Hi Emily. Now that is fabulous news. Thank you for sharing. I’ll make sure to drop by soon and show my latest creations.

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