We’re taking a little break…Click through to meet our Baby Boy!

We didn’t want to drop off the planet without saying a word.

As our precious little boy finally arrived August, 21st (one week late – but perfect little babies are so worth waiting for!!!), the time has come to focus on family life for a little while.

Come, join my tribe:

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Don’t get me wrong. Even though I haven’t managed to publish my weekly DIY tutorial lately, I have been crafting and creating like a mad woman the last few weeks prior to his birth (nesting and all 😉 ). And I have still so many other non-baby tutorials up my sleeve I am desperate to show you. But all in due time. For now we’re taking a little break.

I do hope that you bear with us and will be patient?! We would be so very sorry to see you go…

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See you soon! Love,

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    1. Thank you, Jessica! I appreciate your wise words as an experienced mother. Also I love your progress on your rental fixer upper. Good job!

  1. Congratulations! And welcome to your new beautiful “to-do list”!! ;). It’s always heart warming to see a brand new baby all cuddled up. Ahhh! Sweet memories of years past. Enjoy every second.

    1. Thank you, Chris. My heart jumps every time I look at him or think of him. I know we’re having exciting times ahead of us.

  2. Your little man is so handsome–cherish every minute, love his booties. Enjoy this time with your new little family and nap when you can.

    1. The booties were knitted by an elderly lady from church ? I’ll take your nap advice right this next minute. Just ate and now nap.

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!! He is so beautiful and precious. His face is almost angelic. Habiba

    1. Awwww, thank you Jeannie. He sometimes folds his hands like in prayer, too. Our little angel ???

  4. He’s gorgeous – enjoy him while he’s tiny and enjoy him as he grows up. Babies are a true gift 🙂
    And, thanks for your lovely creative shares ‘

  5. Congratulations!!! He’s so precious and adorable. God ordained the family first. You three have some important bonding time to devote yourselves to right now. Love and Hugs.

    1. Thank you, Shirley. Yes, I feel like this time is very important. Markus and I are soaking up every minute of it and we feel that our little guy is more present every second.

    1. Hi Kristie, thank you so much for your kind words. And no need to apologise. I know how busy life gets! I have a quadrillion unread emails myself ?

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