How to Wrap a Gift + Tips on Bow-Making, Gift Tags & Supply Storage

How to wrap a gift. Easy step-by-step instructions.

To know how to wrap a gift is essential! Why? Because, there are many people out there (like me) that would be super content with receiving a nicely wrapped present even if the said gift would merely be an empty box, lol.

For all day today, I tried to remember who taught me how to wrap a gift. Unfortunately, it won’t come to mind. Probably I just watched my Mom gift wrapping and eventually tried myself.

What I do know, though, is that I picked up some advanced present wrapping skills while paying close attention to a shop clerk wrapping gifts during the holidays. Also, I think you need to know that gift wrapping is not my favorite activity, but once I start I can lose myself in the process as I want to make sure that they look as pretty as possible.

So beware, this might happen to you, too.

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