Spitzbuben – German Christmas Cookies + Free Printable as an Early Christmas Gift

Spitzbuben German Christmas Cookies. These are my favourite jam filled cookies ever

Spitzbuben are my favorite German Christmas Cookies. Why? Because they are jam-packed with JAM!! And those are the cookies I like best. My little god-daughter shares this love of mine, by the way. I swear it’s like a little of my personality swapped over during the christening and that makes my heart beat 💕

Same as gift wrapping, I don’t enjoy baking much. And same as with gift wrapping, I found a way to make it more fun for me. For years now, I team up with my childhood friend, Bernadette for our annually Christmas cooky bakeathon.

Really, Bernadette and her brother Tobias are more than friends, they are family! The three of us spent most of our childhood together. Want a little laugh? Come, see us three in the wild 80s? Tobias recently moved houses and I made him a little something. This could also be a great DIY gift idea for Christmas, just in case you are looking for some inspiration.

Back on track! Bernadette doesn’t like the assembly, decorating and storage part of the Christmas bakery. I don’t enjoy the dough making, rolling & cookie cutting process. So basically, we are the perfect team.

creative ideas to decorate your home for Christmas using recyclables or nature elements. Excellent for minimalists.

3 Fun & Adorable Ideas To Decorate for Christmas In A Jar

Have you heard of Christmas in a jar? You can do so many things under this title: You can use jars as a way of gift wrapping, use them for recipes, or home decor. Today I have concentrated on 3 fun ways to decorate your home for Christmas. And I guarantee you’ll love it if you are an overachiever Christmas decorator or a minimalist. I added links to my friends’ posts, too, for you. They came up with awesome other ideas.

Come, join my tribe!

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