DIY Handstamped Tea Towel

How to handstamp a DIY dish towel sporting beautiful monstera leaves

This is my first ever stamping project I share on the blog: My DIY handstamped tea towel sporting a beautiful Monstera plant leaf pattern. Wait, that’s not even true!!! But I didn’t use a real stamp for this project.

I’ve had stamps at home in forever. But so far I only had been using them as some sort of fun & games activity at work to bring out the creative juices in my team members whenever we were stuck in our thought process. But never have I done a DIY project with them. Thanks to my very own blog hop Bring on the Crafts, I finally have gotten round to use wooden stamps on fabric.

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But same as probably you, too, I get nervous when I try out a new creative technique. And it gives me the thrills when I see my crafty project is actually working out and going to be super cute!

What I learned from this project is …

that the art of stamping is very similar to using a stencil. Yet it’s the exact opposite as to where you place the paint (does that make any sense?). And as I am totally into stenciling (find all my pretty stenciling projects HERE) and even have a FREE Guide on How To Stencil Like a Pro for you, this project went very smoothly.

Now, let me show you how to hand stamp tea towels which by the way are awesome DIY gift ideas!

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How to DIY Handstamped Tea Towel

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Supplies to Make a Hand Stamped Dish Cloth

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Supplies to DIY a hand stamped dish towel

3 Simple Steps to DIY a Stamped Tea Towel

Tip: I decided on a pattern before I started this project. And so should you! I simply used a piece of paper, my stamp and a regular stamping pad and tried different things (see photo above).

1 – Prepare for Stamping and Build up the Pattern

diy dish towels: when stamping on fabric blotches and an uneven pattern is ok

  • Put your colour choice of fabric paint on a painters tray or a paper plate (Note: I needed two as the first one got really mush with time and I ended up having paper bits on my stamp)
  • Dab the stamp into the paint.
  • You might need to stamp on a paper towel before you stamp on fabric to get rid of excess paint.
  • Start stamping happily away and try to stick to your design.

This is the somewhat tricky part of stamping: Don’t use too little or too much of your fabric paint (this is very similar to stenciling). You’ll get the hang of it after a little time. And honestly, the unevenness of the pattern creates the charm of a handmade product!

building up the pattern of monstera leaves DIY handstamped tea towel

I was pretty soon fed up with always twisting and turning the stamp, so I did all the leaves pointing in one direction of a row first and added the inbetweens second.

2 – Clean your Stamp Regularly for a Better Outcome

clean your stamp regularly for better results when stamping with fabric paint to DIY tea towel

As I mentioned before: Blotches and different intense stamps are totally ok as they make your DIY tea towel unique. But, once in a while there will be too much paint on the outside of your stamp or in the little nooks in between.

If you don’t clean that up you’ll end up with a blob op paint rather than a pretty Monstera plant leaf (or whatever motive you chose). Simply take a kitchen towel and wipe off the excess paint. Make sure to swipe into the crevices using your fingernail or some other thin object.

Tip: Actually wood carved textile stamps work best on fabric, but I couldn’t find mine and had my mind set on those Monstera plant leaves anyway, lol.

Now, doesn’t that look impressive?

Always heart those imperfections! As with handmade DIY gift ideas for foodies imperfections are perfect!

I must admit, that after the first attempt (see the hardly visible Monstera leaf to the bottom right?) I had a thought in mind that was something like this: Might as well stop right now and throw the lot in the bin.

And thoughts like that are only human. And if you have them, too, that’s ok. I simply want to encourage you to keep on going. The end result will be stunning and you’ll be super proud of yourself. Trust me!

3 – Iron your DIY Tea Towel to Cure the Fabric Paint

iron the DIY dish cloth or tea towel before usage to cure the fabric paint

I think every brand of fabric paint comes with slightly different instructions. So it’s best to read the directions and stick to them. Mine requires 5 minutes of ironing. To protect your iron, use a run down dish cloth. And to protect your working surface, of course use an ironing board or a thick towel. My iron wasn’t on when I took this picture 😉

And, you’re done!

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Comments (10)

  1. Looks like you had fun designing your tea towels, Habiba! How cute! What a great way to personalize those plain flour sack towels using stamps!

    1. Thank you, Gail. And yes, i really had fun and I have 9 more of those tea towels to work with ?

  2. This is such a pretty project! I love crafts like this that make great handmade gifts. Definitely pinning for holiday gift ideas!

  3. Thank you for this tea towel ideal! I can’t wait to try it. I have alot of stamps setting in my closet for a few years and was wanting to use them. I like the way you list All the details, including the ironing afterwards. From Felecia

    1. Dear Felecia, I’m super excited that you’ll make some lovely tea towels yourself. Have fun and enjoy the creative process. Best, Habiba

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