DIY Sparkly Butterfly or Fairy Wings

handmade DIY butterfly or fairy wings in pink and lavender

DIY Sparkly Butterfly or Fairy Wings

There are lots of reasons to make and wear sparkly butterfly or fairy wings. Of course, Halloween is the most obvious one. In Germany, there is the carnival season in February or March. This is when we like to dress up and party a lot. Lately, there are plenty of colorful and vibrant festivals in the summertime that scream DRESS-UP!!!

The lush greens of mother nature in summer, the smells and flowers make me start daydreaming about mythical creatures such as fairies and pixies right away. Of course, sparkly fairy wings are a basic necessity for freethinkers and girls like me. We like to wear this sort of unusual stuff on a regular basis – no special occasion needed, lol. 

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You’ll find links to other fun DIY Halloween costumes at the end of this post!

Craft Supplies

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  • galvanized wire (2,5mm in diameter – I found mine in the garden center)
  • pliers (pay attention that they are strong enough to cut your wire, else you won’t be having fun with this crafty project)
  • pantyhose (a good way to recycle torn ones!!! – Download my FREE guide to craft supplies for LOW or NO money)
  • duct tape (did you know it comes in pink?!)
  • scissors
  • spray paint (white, pink)
  • painters tray (I used old ice cream cups, though)
  • rubber gloves (My manicure looks a mess as I forgot to put them on, again!!)


How to make sparkly fairy wings – 3 easy steps

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Click for a free tutorial on how to make sparkly fairy wings out of wire, pantyhose, acrylic paint and glitter!


1. Shaping and Coverage:

bending wire to make butterfly or fairy wings

Cut two longer and two slightly shorter pieces of wire and bend them into a wing shape. Try and make a set of two equal ones. But keep cool – they don’t need to be absolutely symmetrical – nature isn’t either! 😉

a full set of raw butterfly or fairy wings handmade out of wire


Pro-Tip by Habiba:
You might want to pay attention to the width of your wings, so you will manage to pass through doors without having to turn sideways, duh! Because, been there, done that!

covering the pointy ends of the wire with duct tape while making butterfly or fairy wings

Using duct tape you’ll attach the left and right upper wings together and do the same with the lower wings. Pay attention that you cover all the sharp ends so the pantyhose won’t tear later.

how to cover wire bent fairy wings with pantyhose

Pull the pantyhose tightly over one side of your wire wings and fix in the middle with duct tape. Continue on the other side of your set of matching wings. Pull tight again and make a knot into the pantyhose. Cut tightly to the knot. Repeat with the lower set of wings.

butterfly or fairy wings covered in pantyhose



In this project I used a fish net pantyhose. But I’ve already done several others for Halloween (a group of butterflies we were) using regular black pantyhose. This way you’ll have more decoration options. I’ll go find the photos and write a how to for you soon.

2. Structure and Sparkle:

Now it’s time to bring some life and structure into those gorgeous sparkly fairy wings:

close up of handmade butterfly or fairy wings in pink, lavender and sparkle


  • I bent them a little into shape so they looked more 3D instead of very flat.
  • I used an incense stick and burned a pattern into the pantyhose. In this project, I decided to do that after I painted – not a good decision. You might want to do it before! Also, fishnets get a bit fuzzy when burning holes in them. Regular pantyhose work perfectly!!

spray painting and painting handmade butterfly and fairy wings with acrylic paint


  • I was going to spray the wings white and add a little pink and lavender details with a brush and acrylic paint. BUT, my white spray paint died on me before I was done…so change of plans: I sprayed them pink and worked in some structure with white and lavender acrylic paint. And obviously sparkle!
  • I didn’t give it much time to dry as I was on a tight schedule and it worked good: I worked clockwise and once I was done with one round of paint, I started the next. I used an almost dry brush with very little paint, though.

hand painting pantyhose covered butterfly or fairy wings


  • The last layer of paint was ✨ SPARKLES ✨. I applied it heavily because a girl like me needs LOTS.OF.SPARKLE.

close up of handcrafted fairy wings using fishnet pantyhose and lots of glitter


  • Now they need to dry. No speeding up this process, sorry!…well maybe you could use a hairdryer.

For best outcome:
apply paint and sparkle on back and front of your wings.

3. Assembly and Decoration:

decorating handmade butterfly or fairy wings with ribbon and silk flowers

Using the duct tape you’ll tape the upper and lower set of wings together. After that’s done you can work on the shape of your sparkly fairy wings. You can bend them some more in various directions so it looks as if the wings were in motion instead of static. If you do so the wings won’t be touching each other and the details of each wing will be more noticeable.

Cover the duct tape with ribbon and fix the silk flowers to the center part of your almost done fairy wings. You could use various kinds of ribbon and let long strands hang loose. Maybe you’ll find some sparkly ribbon, too?

close up of handmade butterfly or fairy wings in pink, lavender and sparkle


Now strap on your wings and fly!

ready for take off - strapped on butterfly or fairy wings

You’ll strap on your sparkly fairy wings with two long strands of ribbon. Place your wings on your back and pass the ribbon over your shoulder (from back to front), pass them under your arms and tie them in your back. Wiggle about and see if they are tight enough for your first flight. Safety first, you guys 😉



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The more fairies, the merrier

Get together with your friends for a crafternoon and make your wings together. I sure would love to join you on this adventure!

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kids fairy costume that can work as butterfly costume, too

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    1. Yet another idea to decorate them!!! One could use white panty hose and use lots of silver and gold sparkle and feathers and flowers for decoration <3

    1. Thank you so much! I did that once. My friends and I crafted a set of butterfly wings for carnival. We had a blast!!!

  1. They look like butterflies to me. This is probably how I would use them. Brilliant use of the fishnet pantyhose!

    1. I walked through the fairy festival with open eyes. I brought sooooo much inspiration back home and new fairy like shape ideas…

  2. Oh Habiba!!!! What a darling craft…you look so beautiful ❤❤❤ what a great activity for anyone ❤❤❤ thank you for all you do!!!

    1. Shauna, you literally make my day every time you comment on my art work! I am so glad you like it and I am so happy, learning, that what I do is appreciated by peeps out there <3 <3 <3

    1. Oooohhhhh, I am sure I’d love to spend an afternoon tea party all dressed up with your little girls 🙂

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