DIY Butterfly Antennae Headband

how to make antennae for butterfly halloween costume

A butterfly needs antennae of course and that’s why I’ll be showing you today how to easily DIY butterfly antennae. I love dressing up for Halloween, for German Fasching, or just for any party really.

And if you’re already following me on my crafting journey, you know that I am almost obsessed with crafting and wearing fairy or butterfly wings. What? Are you not following? Then it’s about time you start doing so, lol. No seriously. Do it. Like now.

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For once this is going to be a short post, as it’s super easy to DIY butterfly antennae.

Supplies to DIY butterfly antennae

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how to make make easy antennae with pipe cleaners for halloween butterfly costume

I don’t know about you, but I am rather special when it comes to headbands. Maybe because I am wearing glasses and some of them simply will be in the way and hurt my ears.

So I’ve done a little research for you and found super thin plastic and metal ones (I feel they are the most comfortable ones for me), an extra wide one (if you prefer that look) and even a sparkly one like the one I bought in the UK.

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Craft Supplies for LOW or NO Money

For this project, it’s only two “ingredients” and hence a very frugal craft. But in order to transfer projects with a long list of supplies into frugal crafts, you have to get creative!!!

I’m sharing all my tips & tricks with you:

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How to DIY butterfly antennae

Go find your Alice band and pipe cleaners. I bought my black headband for only a couple of Pounds (I bought it in the UK while visiting my friend Debbie) and guess what? It comes with silver sparkle. Yay! That’s definitely a plus as far as I am concerned.

Fold your pipe cleaner in half and wrap each side once around the middle of your Alice band.

For a more cutesy look, start rolling in the ends of each antenna till you are happy with the outcome. Aaaaaaaand you’re done! Told you, it’s super easy and done within minutes.

Scroll further down for two easy tutorials on how to craft butterfly or fairy wings. You’ll find a male butterfly themed costume idea, too!

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Easy no-sew butterfly costume including antennae for carnival. Learn how to make it. Click now!

Now for the butterfly wings

If you are still on the lookout for a tutorial on how to make yourself a beautiful set of Butterfly Wings, I’ve got the thing for you! Even two things, for that matter…They’re both no-sew tutorials using wire, pantyhose, acrylic paint, sparkle, ribbon and silk flowers.

They work perfect as individual costumes or as a family or group costume!

1. Sparkly pink and lavender butterfly wings

handmade DIY butterfly or fairy wings in pink and lavender

2. Orange and black butterfly wings with rhinestones 

gorgeous sparkly butterfly wings as halloween costume can also be used as fairy wings

Male Butterfly Themed Halloween Costume

My Markus asked me to create him a costume matching to mine that is NOT a butterfly. I guess he doesn’t dig wearing wings and a lot of sparkles, lol.

Read up on how to put his butterfly catcher costume together HERE.

awesome couples costume idea you can easily make yourself. Butterfly catcher and butterfly

Other DIY Minimalist Last-Minute Headband Costumes

Are you planning on rocking that Halloween party as a butterfly? If so, send me some photos or tag me on social media, I’d sure love to see what you created!


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