Hi there!

Oh my – thank’s for stopping by! Haha, I love that it rhymes. Ok, let’s be serious for a minute, shall we? I am Habiba, and I am a craftaholic. Kidding. Sorry. Here goes:

I am glad that you found me.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s share some thoughts, ideas and dreams.

Hmmmm, where to start? Most of the time my thoughts are tangled like the leaves in a jungle and sometimes I don’t make a lot of sense. *I tried to capture this fact about me in my branding by the way. Which still isn’t ready – aaarrrrrggggg* But most of the times I rock whatever I set my mind on doing. Let me tell you, this can be rather frustrating when all you want is finding a niche to specify in. So I simply decided to specify in my diversity.

As I never hold back I’ll give you the ugly truth right here and now: I seriously lack patience and I need to try new things aaaaaall the time. Once I tackled an obstacle – and more often than not conquered it of course – I get bored easily and off I go searching for the next challenge. I was told that being my friend can be exhausting but soooo worth it, as it’ll never get boring.

I am an open minded person …

and I always search for the good in every situation. I’d much rather live a happy life than not, so I decided maaaaaaany years ago that nothing and nobody can hold me down…now I think that’s a BAM to myself and all the strong and independent women out there! Let me know when you’re around…

I love to meet likeminded people.

People I can look up to and learn from. People I can share my knowledge with. I am sure you’re one of the above. So let’s be friends!

I might or might not have an addiction for everything sparkly.

I love to craft and creating stuff – because this is my main source of energy and strength, besides sleeping that is. Which I luuuuurve to do and tend to never get enough of. Eating, reading, traveling, dancing, and watching TV series are some of my other favorites in life. Oh and mustn’t forget the babes of course! I absolutely adore the children of my friends and my goddaughter in particular.

I am a loud person with a contagious laughter and I smile a lot.

I have short hair since I was 9 years old and my first perm with 36. I love dressing up and meeting people as much as I love to spend the entire weekend alone in my pyjamas alternating my location between my bed, couch and kitchen (nom nom).

Lately I get that feeling …

that I am in desperate need of a lifelong sabbatical in order to accomplish all the projects I dream of. I get that feeling almost everyday – trust me. Sometimes this feeling shows me it’s ugly face and even stops me from getting started. I guess it’s the same with writers and a white sheet of paper, huh? But, as I am not a quitter I decided to start this blog. I’d like to shout it all out into the world: Yes, I manage to fit life into my regular 24 hour day – or sometimes maybe not. Because, guess what? It’s ok to not finish some of your projects. It’s also ok to have a sorta messy home sometimes. And it’s most definitely ok to order a pizza if you’d much rather craft, sleep or spend hours on Pinterest, than cook.

I’d love to share my story with you.

It’ll be mainly creating new things out of various material. But beware I’ll be squeezing in a blog or two about cooking, travelling or whatever else I feel like talking about at the moment.

Oh, did I mention that I talk a lot and like to share TMI every now and then? Probably not, huh? But seeing as you’re a smart cookie you’ve probably figured it out by now.

I lovethat you’ve made it this far – congrats!

This means you are feisty one and I love all the more for it!!! And I have a feeling that we’re going to be good friends.

Lots of love,
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