Easy NO-SEW Butterfly Family Costume

Schmetterlingskostüm für Fasching ganz einfach selber machen

As Halloween is just around the corner, I wanted to share this idea for a butterfly family costume with you!

A few years ago, some childhood friends and I started dressing up for and celebrating German Fasching again. With this tradition we prepare ourselves for the Lenten Season with music, dancing, and – most importantly – dressing up in fun costumes.

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My friends and I have been Pirates and Angels & Devils in the first two years. As I am very much in love with butterflies, I suggested going as a butterfly swarm in various colors for our third year. 

Strap your wings on and fly!

If you want to do just that, let me show you how to make an easy butterfly family costume for either yourself, a group of friends or your family.

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DIY: Butterfly Family Costume

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1. Supplies needed

You’ll find a list of supplies in my other post about another set of wonderful sparkly wings, I did this summer for a fairy festival. You might want to add the following things to your shopping list, if you want to copy this butterfly family costume in detail:

Materials to build the wireframe

You’ll find the supply list for the wing structure HERE

To decorate your wings, these items will come in handy:

  • acyrlic paint in several colors+ brushes
  • incense sticks
  • glitter glue in various colors
  • rhinestones + glue (I used the glitter glue – not the best hold, but ok)
  • organza (I used orange as I represented the Monarch butterfly)
  • pipe cleaners in your butterflies main color (only when you are adding the organza part)
  • ribbon (it looks nicer, if you use a few different ones)
  • silk flowers

To finish off your costume

  • Learn how to make a Butterfly Antennae Headband HERE
  • A wig in your butterflies main color
  • I even cut out a tiny paper butterfly and stuck it to my right cheek after I was done with my make-up, using eyelashes glue.

Gorgeous Halloween family group costume! Click for an easy DIY to get your own butterfly swarm!


If your man is not comfortable mimicking a butterfly at Halloween, why not let him be the male part of this fun butterfly themed couples costume?

2. Building the Structure of Butterfly Wings

a full set of raw butterfly or fairy wings handmade out of wire

To learn how to build the frame for each set of wings for your butterfly family costume, hop on over to my post on how to make fairy wings. It’s a very detailed instruction for you to follow step by step.

We used black pantyhose, so we didn’t have to paint the wings base black. If you are aiming for a lighter version, simply use white or skin tone pantyhose instead.

3. Decorating your Butterfly Wings

  • Using incense sticks, we burned a pattern into each wing. Take a look at the bottom, left wing on the following photo. Try to make a similar pattern in each set of wings.
  • Now it’s time to add some more detail to your wings by painting them with acrylic paint.

no-sew DIY butterfly wings workshop for halloween

What would a craft of mine be, without tons of glitter? Right! Not mine, lol. So obviously we added a lot of glitter glue to the wings. Sometimes right on the pantyhose and in other places directly on the acrylic paint.

decorating pantyhose wing for butterfly costume with lots of glitter

The glitter glue was simply not enough, so I used some rhinestones as well. As I didn’t have any regular glue at hand (we were crafting at my friend’s house), I used the glitter glue. It worked ok-ish. A craft glue would do a better job, though as we lost a couple of our rhinestones while fluttering away on the dance floor.

hand painting pantyhose butterfly wings for halloween, fairy wings

Let the decorated wings dry properly. As we crafted these wings on a whim, we didn’t have any silk flowers or ribbon at hand anyways. We met earlier on the day of our party and assembled our beautiful wings for our butterfly family costume.

hand painted sparkly glitter rhinestone butterfly wings costume

Pro-Tip by Habiba:

My set of orange wings were the prototype. Can I just say that it would be a good idea to pay attention to the width of your wings if you want to be able to walk straight through any doorway.

As I am a good sport, I don’t mind people laughing at (or as I like to think with me), when they see me turning sideways before entering a room 😉

4. Assembly of Butterfly Wings

Oh my, can you see how wonderfully sparkly my wings turned out to be?

wire and pantyhose butterfly wings costume in orange, white, glitter for halloween

I taped my wings together, added the silk flowers and some ribbon. Click for a detailed description HERE.

gorgeous sparkly butterfly wings as halloween costume can also be used as fairy wings

As my friends wanted to experience the full butterfly effect, we added wing extensions to put on a fluttery show at the party.

It’s very simple, really: We bought a huge piece of shimmery organza (wider than the span of your arms), folded it in half and tied some of the ribbons around the middle of it. Pay attention that the opening of the organza points to the bottom.

no-sew butterfly halloween costume in orange and black

Surely you don’t want to hold your wings all night. So go find that pipe cleaner and tie it around the open corner of your organza. Make sure your middle finger will fit through.

As you can see, there is no need to hem the edges. I took the following photo just yesterday after I wore my butterfly costume many times. When there are loose strands, I simply cut them off. There, good as new.

adding organza fluttery shimmying wings to butterfly halloween family costume

Multiple options for your Butterfly Costume

As you and your family or friends put in a lot of effort and love to create your very own set of butterfly wings, you might want them to be worn more than once, right?

1. Butterfly Family Costume

DIY halloween family costume idea butterflies in 5 different colors

2. Fairy Wings for Adults

I borrowed mine to my friend for a Fairy Festival this summer. I made a new purple and pink, super sparkly set of wings for myself.

A girl can never can have enough options in her wing closet, lol.

I untied the fluttery organza bits of the wings for the festival, so my friend wouldn’t get caught in the greenery all the time.

Also, this photo shows you quite good how to strap on your set of wings: Simply use two strands of the ribbon, place them over your shoulders, guide them under your arms around to your back and make a bow tie.

DIY adult fairy costume butterfly halloween

3. Fairy Wings for Children

It didn’t take long, though, till my friend’s daughter asked to wear the wings herself. I don’t blame her – they are gorgeous after all and she really stood out between all those other kiddies wearing 5 $ store-bought wings. She received a lot of compliments, too.

Even though the wing-span is quite wide, she managed perfectly well. She weaved her way through the happy crowd at the Fairy Festival like a pro. If you were to make a set especially for your child, I’d recommend to make them a little smaller, though.

kids fairy costume that can work as butterfly costume, too

4. Butterfly Themed Couples Costume

If you pour in a lot of love into DIY-ing your costumes, you want to wear them several times rather than just once, right? As I was no longer merely a part of my friend’s butterfly swarm, but a part of a wonderful relationship with Markus, I kinda extended the theme.

Learn how to put together the butterfly catcher costume HERE and read up on some alterations for the monarch butterfly costume HERE.

awesome couples costume idea you can easily make yourself. Butterfly catcher and butterfly

Ready, set, go!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, I would be really happy if you gave it a try. Let me know if you have any questions at all, I am happy to help! We creatures of the sparkly wings need to stick together, right?

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Like this Halloween costume idea for a butterfly or fairy? Make easily your own with this free tutorial!

I can’t wait to see what you came up with! Be sure to send me a photo of you, dressed up as a beautiful butterfly.


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  1. Great post Habiba! You done a great job on this! They look beautiful.
    Sending huge hug and kiss from London from Bobby & Gloria @thepassionova 🙂

    1. Hey Bobby! So nice to hear from you ? and I am glad you like them ? sending love to Gloria and you ?

  2. These are gorgeous! We don’t usually do anything for Halloween, but if we did, I would so make these!

  3. I love this, it’s so pretty! I really should make some of these for my daughter’s, they like all things sparkly.

    1. Thank you for this compliment! I am glad you like my set of wings <3. I'll hop on over to your blog in a minute...

  4. How did you get the pantyhose to stretch so much without bending the wire??
    Mine takes the shape of a leg. ?

    1. Hi Ana, the pantyhose did bend the wire a little more into an oval shape than I liked. If yours is bending too much, try doing one of these things: use a stronger wire, use a bigger pantyhose or one that is not as thick of a material, or make the wings smaller. I hope that helps? Sure would love you to be a marvellous butterfly this Halloween ?. Love, Habiba

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