Simple & Elegant – Single Maple Leaves Fall Wreath

delicate and simple fall wreath DIY using single faux maple leaves and gold wire.

I am not much of a seasonal decorator, but I do love to put up some select elements. A wreath is always part of my seasonal home decor as they are super easy to make and always a great opportunity for a frugal craft. Such as this Single Maple Leaves Fall Wreath.

As you are getting to know me, you’ll realize that I enjoy working with recycling goods a lot. I also upcycle treasures (or should I say trash) I’ve found lying around outdoors and mostly make do with what supplies I already have at home. All these facts bring out the most creativity in me.

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This crafty project falls right into my pattern, so keep on reading to learn what supplies I’ve already had at home and what pieces I’ve found at the side of the road.

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How to Make A Single Maple Leaves Fall Wreath

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Four simple steps to DIY this fun simple fall wreath. Click for instructions. #craftifymylove #fallcraft #falldecor #diy #wreath #simplecraft

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6 Easy Steps To Your DIY Fall Decor

This simple and elegant fall wreath is really easy to make:

  1. Pluck the single leaves from your foe maple leave stems.
  2. If necessary clip off excess plastic.
  3. Cut gold wire to length using strong scissors or pliers.
  4. Wrap gold wire around stems. Leave enough to fix leaves to your wreaths base.
  5. Start applying your prepped leaves to the metal hoop. Space them out evenly.
  6. Add a ribbon or jute twine as a hanger.

Pretty simple, right?

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

I’ve put together a quick video for you in case you’re a visual learner, like me.

Now, it’s time to decorate your home for Fall!

This is not my front door, but a darling rustic old door up in my attic. I love DIYing up there and taking photos. Sadly the lighting is not very good.

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Simple fall wreath DIY from single faux fall leaves, gold wire, and an upcycled metal hoop. Click for detailed step-by-step instructions including video tutorial. #craftifymylove #fallwreath #diywreath #homedecor #frugalcrafts #upcyclingDIY

I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy maple leaves fall wreath tutorial? If so, I think you might also be interested in those other simple fall crafts I’ve made:

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Comments (6)

  1. It’s beautiful! I love how it’s just the leaves with the touch of gold. It’s the perfect blend of simple & elegant. That door it’s on is amazing. #BringontheCrafts

    1. Thank you Jenny! I usually tend to overstuff my wreaths, so this one was something different.

  2. This turned out so pretty! I have some fall leaves I picked up at Dollar Tree. I really don’t have a project for them but I thought they were so pretty. I’ll have to try this!

    1. Oh, it would be awesome if you tried it. Also, I’m the same: I often buy things I don’t know what to do with them just yet.

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