How To Make A Fall Fairy Garland

happy fall fairies garland - frugal and fun kids craft home decor in orange and yellow

Today you will learn how to make a darling fall fairy garland for your mantel, window, or porch decor.

Germany is experiencing a heat wave at the moment and I am sweating off my behind even when I do NADA. So imagine the temperature in my small-space craft room when I am crafting and taking all those pretty tutorial pics for you with my photography lights on full blast and the hot glue gun blistering devilishly away.

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While typing up this post my laptop is bbq-ing my legs and I am starting to crave an ice-cold ginny real bad.

Why all that yammering you ask? The autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis I got diagnosed with almost 10 years ago and excessive heat don’t go along well and thus you can imagine I am not a happy camper right now.

But as always I try to make the best of every situation!!

That is probably why I have already started working on crafts projects for the cooler fall season. Can you tell I am a huge believer in visualisation? And if I am totally honest here, I already had been eying my box with all the Christmas crafts supplies, lol.

4 Simple Steps To Make A Fall Leaves Fairy Home Decor

Read along and find out how super easy it is to make these cute little fairies. Kids and adults will enjoy this process of creation. That I am sure of!

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I challenge you: Get creative and design a unique fairy

As always with my crafts, you have options, too!

  • Instead of fall foliage use autumn colored faux flowers for your home or garden.
  • And if you don’t care for a garland you can simply make fairy ornaments by clipping the clothes pin onto a length of garden twine (see the following image).
  • Turn the clothes pin upside down and you can clip the fairies to a wire memo board, a vase, or whatnot.

But, I am getting ahead of me. Let me show you now how to actually make these darling little puppets.

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Supplies To Make A Fall Fairy Garland

1 – Give your Autumn Fairy some Clothes

clipping off the stems of faux fall leaves for a fair craft that is suitable for kids and adults alike

Clip of the stems of four faux fall leaves. Note: Save those little plastic stems, you might need them later on.

I chose two different colors for each fairies dress.

adding hot glue to apply autumn foliage to clothespin upcycling fairy craft

For this step you’ll need to decide if you want your fairies hanging from something (from a garland or as an ornament) or if you want to clip them on top of something.

In my case I wanted them to hang from my garland and thus I added hot glue to the lower part of the clothes pin (see markings in the image above). I am holding the part that will open in my hand.

gluing faux fall leaf to clothes pin for fall kids craft project that can also be made as a flower fairy

Glue one fall leaf on each corner. You will probably have to hold up the sides of the previously glued on leaf to make room for the next. And so on. This way the dress will have a darling fluff look to it. All the pointy ends standing out.

2 – How To Make A Hairdo or Hat For Your Flower Child

For the hair or hat I used a color I haven’t used in the dress before. E. g. dress in red and yellow. Hat in green.

cutting silk autumn leaf to size to create a darling fall fairy hat

Cut the faux autumn leaf into three parts.

designing the hat or hair for your kids craft fall fairy project

And glue two of them together.

Please be careful
as to not burn yourself! Those faux leaves are pretty thin and the glue will be super hot to touch. I recommend you add the glue and wait a view seconds before sticking the elements together.

giving the clothespin autumn fairy a fall leaves hat or hairdo is pretty simple

Add another blob of hot glue and stick it between the opening of your clothes pin. Pay attention to not accidentally glue the clothing shut! Yep. Almost happened here… Hold it open till the glue has cooled down.

3 – A Friendly Face Makes For A Welcoming Home Decor

Smily faces are my favorite. Try to hand draw three different expressions.

I am curious as to what emotions you’ll draw onto your little fairy friends. Send me an image?

adding a smiling face to a fun and easy garden fairy DIY using a thin felt tip liner

I learned that a very thin felt tip pen works best. I have this set and use it all the time! Start small – you can go bigger at anytime, but not vice versa, lol.

A little blush finishes off everyone make-up. Even a seasonal fairy crafts ones.

Use a q-tip and a soft pastel in some shade of red. There. Much better!

using soft pastels in blush and a q-tip you can add some dimension to your fall fairies face

I hope you saved the stem clippings from step 1 (I have to go back up in the post and make a note for you, lol).

  • Add a small amount of hot glue at one side,
  • let it sit for several seconds,
  • hold it to the torso of your little garden fairy until completely dry.

recycle those clipped off fall leaf stems into little arms for your autumn fairy

Can you tell I love recycling projects? Saves a lot of money craft supplies wise, too!

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4 – Decide On A Happy Home For Your Fall DIY Home Decor

If you have repeated steps 1 to 3 as often as you want fairies hanging from your garland, go find a rustic looking wool, yarn, or twine.

Make a loop at each side. Stick left-over leaves in various autumn colors into the knot and clip your fairies onto the twine. Congratulation! You’ve created an awesome fall DIY for your home.

fall fairy mantel decor or autumn garland upcycling project

Places to decorate with

  • mantel
  • window
  • mirror
  • front door
  • can you come up with other ideas?

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  1. I do not enjoy the heat either. August is our hottest month with triple digit heat index and those summer storms! I’m dreaming of Fall right now! Please be sure to link up with us at Merry Monday! I love this easy Fall craft! Perfect mantle decor and I think I have all of the supplies right now!

    1. I am feeling you Shirley! I will make a note to link up on Monday! Thanks for the reminder. And I can picture those darlings on your mantel just fine!!

    1. Hahahaaaa, I don’t have any kids here either. I guess I am still a child at heart as I super enjoy making crafts like this. I’m glad you like them.

    1. I love everything fairy. When I have a garden one day, I’ll have one of those adorable fairy houses in a tree stump.

    1. I sort of visualised cooler temperatures while crafting this garland and got granted my wish! It’s been bearable for the last three to four days or so.

  2. Habiba, these are so sweet and so adorable. I have 3 kids at home, all girls, 11,6 and 2 . They are going to be so thrilled when I tell them what we’re going to make and who taught us. They always like to see who taught us a new craft and then they make up what that person is like while we do the craft. Oh and just FYI, they will want to comment when we’re done to let you know if it was fun or not and tell you how much they like you. I also pinned. You’ll be hearing from us soon. Thanks for sharing. It’s incredible and if the kids say it wasn’t fun, then they fib cause I’m excited just to see it and imagine doing it lol. Thanks again love.

    1. Jeannie, thank you for your amazing comment. I love it when my tutorials are actually being tested and I like it even better when I get a report afterwards. So I am already waiting for your kids’ reply. Happy crafting!!!

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