Before & After Small Space Craft Room Tour – Craft Room Makeover Week 4

Take a tour with me through my small space craft corner and get inspired as how you can organize and decorate your happy place

Remember, that my blogging friends and I challenged ourselves in the first week of January to do our first Craft Room Makeover together? We were all so fed up with how our crafting spaces looked after the craftathon of the last quarter of 2017.

Creative minds like we are, we figured that it would be much easier to tackle this job as a team rather than on our own. And right we were!!!

Come, join my tribe:

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Look what we’ve accomplished in the last four weeks. You’ll find links to my friends’ result at the end of this post.

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Craft Room Challenge January 2018

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Craft Room Challenge 2018

Basically, I started out with this view from my bed every morning:

This is what I wake up to every morning. A messy craft space in my bedroom.

See, I don’t have a dedicated room for all my creative work and have to put up with a small corner in my bedroom. I wanted to remodel my craft space so it was both efficient in storage and nice on the eye.

And I am proud that only after four weeks, I ended up having this view:

Craft Corner Organization this is the AFTER shot of my Craft Room Challenge after cleaning and redecorating

Stunning, right? I’ll give you the grand tour in my video further down.

How To Mentally Survive A Craft Room Makeover?!

Want to know how I managed this transformation in four weeks time? Without going insane?
Because duh,

full-time day job, family, friends, sleep?

Grab your free guide and checklist on how to reorganize your craft room in 4 weeks

You should download this guide & checklist for FREE. I’ve written down everything I learned in the past 4 weeks, so you can profit from it. Let me know what you think!

Craftify My Love rocked the craft room makeover and so can you!

I split the craft room makeover up into manageable bites!

And now it’s finally time for me to report back from Week 4 – cleaning & decorating.

How to Decorate Small Craft Spaces for Efficiency and Style!

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Before & After: Small Space Craft Room Tour - Supplies Organization and Decor | #craftroomchallenge #craftroommakeover #craftroomdecor #organizationhack #craftsupplies #storageideas #smallspacecraftroom #craftroom

Let me just say I am mighty proud of myself! And feel awesome as to what I’ve accomplished. But why don’t you go see for yourself?

Before & After Small Space Craft Room Tour 2018

Goals for this Craft Room Makeover:

1 – Create decorative storage space behind the bedroom door >> CHECK

I am sharing the recipe for my homemade chalk paint, I painted this darling cabinet with, here. It achieves full coverage with one coat!!!

And here is the tutorial on how to stencil a closet in an Anthropologie inspired way.

romantic decor craft room storage solution stencilled cabinet

2 – Install a system for THE DUMP next to my desk >> CHECK

Of course I share the tutorial on how to make this set of three crafting inspired wall art, too:

craft room workspace crafting themed wall art supplies caddy

Look at these decorative additions I hadn’t finished in time:

Crafting inspired wall art craft room happy place office decor notes

3 – YES to more storage, NO to clutter >> CHECK

Learn how to make those artsy shelves from old drawers here.

It's time to reveal the outcome of craft room challenge makeover

4 – Optimise storage space to hold even more craft goodies

I still have a couple of empty drawers, jars, boxes to put new craft supplies into. So >> CHECK to this goal 😉

5 – Discipline in cleaning up after being creative >> CHECK

So far my desk is still clean: And YES, I did already create new things in my craft room and YES, I did put the supplies away after I was done. To keep this good behaviour up it might be best to write down a…


I really really enjoy working in my newly organised and decorated craft room. It’s amazing how fast you can work when you actually have a workspace to do so, lol.

Sometimes I have to think hard as to where I put a certain tool or supply, but it won’t take long till I’ll find my crafty stuff blindfolded again.

So here is a promise I make to myself today:

I will keep my craft room tidy and functional!

What do you think? Should I even go as far as to report the current state of it every other month or so on social media? This would for sure hold me accountable, right?


PS: I still have a couple more craft room projects up my sleeve, so make sure to sign up and stay tuned. And don’t forget to grab your free guide & checklist for your very own Craft Room Challenge!

Welcome to the 2018 Craft Room Challenge!

  • From January 3rd through January 31st, 14 crafty bloggers will be sorting, organizing, cleaning, and decorating their craft spaces.
  • Each of us has a very different craft space to tackle, so chances are you will find one similar to yours. We’d love for you to join in on the fun challenge and clean right alongside us.
  • Follow along and join in on social media by using #craftroomchallenge and #confessyourmess.
  • You can also find us and the challenge via our social media accounts you’ll see listed on each of our sites.
  • We’ll also have 15-minute mini daily challenges for you in case you have limited time to dedicate to the challenge.
  • We hope you share your messy spaces and progress with us so we don’t feel alone this month!

Before you see the rest of the crafty spaces, please meet our lovely hosts:

Marie & Aleisha from The Inspiration Vault • Pam from P.S. I Love You Crafts

Yami from The Latina Next Door • Jolene from Create Pray Love

Habiba from Craftify My Love • Lyne from The Paper Addict

Megan from C’Mon Get Crafty • Erlene from My Pinterventures

Shirley from Intelligent Domestications • Valerie from Val Event Gal

Michelle from Our Crafty Mom

Now, let’s take a look at their craft rooms and spaces!





Comments (14)

  1. I have a serious crush on your gorgeous cabinets and shelves. They make all that crafty storage so decorative and pretty!

    1. Yay, because that was my goal!To make my crafting space pretty. And I am very much in love with my light blue flowery cabinet. Such a shame I let it sit in the attic for two years. The design for it was in my head from day one, lol. I was just nervous if it would work out the way I envisioned.

    1. Thank you Michelle! That’s exactly how I feel when I’m happily crafting away: cheerful and carefree ?

  2. I love how your reorganized and clean up your space! The fun furniture pieces make your room cheerful and makes me want to get creative there. Super job!

    1. Awwww, Erlene, thank you so much. I’d love to get together for a crafternoon one day. So sad we live so far apart… let me know when you ever come to Germany.

    1. Hey Lizz, I’m happy you found inspiration in my Craft Room Makeover. Make sure to reach out, if you have any questions or need further motivation!!

  3. This looks amazing! It’s all so neat and tidy, but still fun and colorful. I’m sure it will be a lot easier to keep tidy now!

    1. I crafted already one printing it and right after I was done put everything away. I actually enjoyed cleaning up. That’s a first, lol. I’m happy you like the outcome, Jess.

  4. Gorgeous!!! I love the view from your bed. Your Pinterest image photo looks like a picture from a magazine. That is definitely your money shot! Your stenciled cabinet has my heart! Beautiful job on all of your furniture makeovers. I love your new space. That pouf in front of the chair! If I was there in person, I’d just look at you with my mouth open and say Habiba!!! because you hit one out of the park with this makeover! Love your video too.

    1. Awwwwww Sherley, thank you so much for this praise ?I definitely dreaded this challenge so I am so very happy that it turned out so lovely and that you all give me this positive feedback.

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