DIY Melted Crayons Fireworks in a Shadow Box

IKEA frame RIBBA shadow box crafts project melted crayons fireworks painting inspired

Today I will teach you how to make Melted Crayons Fireworks! This is part three of my three-piece wall art project I made for this years Craft Room Challenge.

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Three Piece Crafting Inspired Wall Art

  1. Crocheting Inspired String Art
  2. Sewing Inspired Shadow Box
  3. Painting Inspired Wall Art (this post)

craft room wall art decor string art melted crayon thread box

Learn How To Make Melted Crayons Fireworks

This is such an easy craft that is joyfully messy at the same time. I am convinced that adults and kids alike will have big fun making this DIY fireworks!

Supplies for Melted Crayons Wall Art

  • IKEA Ribba frameThis post includes a step-by-step video tutorial
  • Crayons (I had two boxes of crayons at home, I got as a merchandise gift years ago)
  • Cardboard (I used old scrap cardboard I was ready to toss anyways)
  • White Card Stock (didn’t have that, so I used a sheet of scrap-book paper)
  • Hot Glue Gun + Sticks
  • Blow-Dryer

Craft Supplies for LOW or NO Money

I often change directions during a craft on a whim or create totally unplanned, so I have to make do with what I have. I do have a lot, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes the supplies I have in mind are not in my stash.

Creativity is when you make it work anyways!

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Also, this project fit right into the monthly challenge of my friend Megan from C’mon Get Crafty: Craft Room De-Stash
For more inspiration on what you can do with the stuff you already have at home, check out the other artsy creations at the end of this post.

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Learn how to make Melted Crayons Fireworks in IKEAS shadow frame RIBBA. Click for easy step-by-step instructions including video tutorial! | #meltedcrayons #kidscraft #summeractivities #shadowbox #fireworks #diy #homedecor #wallart

3 Simple Steps to Make Melted Crayons Fireworks

You’ll be able to make this DIY project in an hour or less.

1 – Prepare the Base

Open up your Ribba IKEA frame and grab the passepartout (that is the neat white card stock frame that often comes with a picture frame and makes EVERYTHING you place behind it look so much better!) as a template.

Cut out a piece of cardboard of the same size. You’ll be covering it up in a minute with white paper, so don’t worry about the state of the cardboard.

I cut it out from an old one that I used as a cutting mat (by the way: not a great idea to cut on paper, as this made my cutting knife dull way faster) before I had my super cutting mat.

measuring and cutting cardboard as a base for IKEA hack Ribba wall art

Prepare a piece of white card stock in the same size. I didn’t have plain white card stock at home, so I used scrap-book paper that came with a white back.

preparing the base for simple home decor project using melted crayons for a DIY art work

Glue the card stock onto your cardboard base.

I recommend a glue stick or spray as you don’t want to see the glue lines shining through the paper. Liquid glue sometimes will do just that!

covering cardboard with white yardstick as base for melted crayons crafting inspired wall art

2 – Design your Crayons Rainbow

Now this is important, so pay close attention:
Place the spacer
, that comes with your IKEA Ribba frame, on top of your cardboard/card stock base. Why? Because if you glue the crayons too close to the border of your base, the spacer won’t fit later on.

Plug in your hot glue gun now. You’ll be needing it in a couple of minutes.

With the spacer in place, start designing the layout of your crayons. You can arrange the colours however you like! I decided to do them in a rainbow. You can choose to use just one colour, or two alternating ones. It’s up to your preferences 🙂

hot glue crayons in riga frame for melted crayons DIY wall art craft room deoor

One by one, remove your crayons and hot glue them onto the base of your unique piece of wall art. This way you won’t lose your previously designed layout.

crayons glued in a rainbow to become fireworks craft

3 – The Process of Melting Crayons

That last part of your creative DIY project is super exciting. At least that’s how I felt 😉 Before you get messy, though, make sure to cover your workspace with old newspaper, brown paper or old fabric.

If you think you’ve covered enough of your precious carpet, hardwood floor or tiles, think again! The wind you’ll be creating with your blow dryer will carry those drops of melted crayons a fairly long distance. So, in order to make this a FUN project, cover twice the space you were thinking to protect!

melting crayons in less than 3 minutes with a blowdryer is a simple and decorative kids craft

Switch on your blow-dryer now and get to work. It took me all of 2:45 minutes to melt the crayons to my liking. Aim your blow dryer in the direction you want the melted crayons to splatter.

The video tutorial at the end of this blog shows this process very good. You might want to make sure to watch it in preparation.This post includes a step-by-step video tutorial

gluing crayons on cardstock for rainbow fireworks. Paint splatter inspired home decor

Now lay your piece of art down flat, let your melted crayons cool down and dry.

melted crayons wall decor fireworks messy paint splatters

To finish things up, place your painting inspired wall art back into the IKEA Ribba frame. Don’t forget the spacer. 😉

And, you’re done!

Tell me, will you keep this unique DIY fireworks for yourself or will you give it away as a present?


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Video Tutorial: How to Make Melted Crayons Fireworks

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  1. Habiba, this is SO pretty! I love the colors, and the symmetrical look of how the crayons are spaced. Now I see how important it is to cover the space well, and the fun part is the hair dryer! I had no idea a hair dryer would melt crayons, but it looks like a fun project.

    1. Thank you so much, Florence! I had a lot of fun doing the melting part. Even though I didn’t cover up enough space. Luckily I worked in the bathroom and I could scrape the little crayons droplets away pretty easy.

    1. Yes, yes, yes!!!! Go ahead! Think some more and start creating. It’s super fun and you can blog about it, too.

    1. Thank you Lydia, same as you enjoyed reading about this whole series, I’ve enjoyed creating it. And, looking at it day in day out.

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