DIY Decorative Flower Pegs for Memo Boards, Photo Frames, And Much More…

learn how to make easy flower pegs for your photo board

Today I made a bunch of these darling wooden flower pegs. Originally I planned to only use them for my new bent wire memo board.

But it turned out there are so many things you can decorate with these. You’ll find an inspiring list at the end of this post!

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This is one of my easiest tutorials ever. Ok, there are two that can even beat this one: It’s how to make a butterfly antennae headband and these adorable recycled glass bottle vases.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life, that gives you the most joy!

Make sure to make it to the end of this post as I have put together a cute little free printable for you!

Supplies To Make Flower Pegs

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Only three things on the list! So it’s also a frugal craft 😉

supplies needed to make super easy wooden DIY photo board pegs

  • Silk Flowers (I think silk flowers are best bought at your local dollar store)
  • Mini Wooden Pegs (I found this amazing combo of a jute twine and wooden pegs. You could simply span the twine and hang your latest family photos from it, using your DIY flower pegs.)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks (that is my cordless hot glue gun I really like)

I bought $14 worth of silk flowers at my local dollar store this spring. I used them initially to make my be happy” cardboard cut-out sign and still have a ton left. I had a lot of fun working with the left-overs ever since…

Crafts Projects Using Silk Flowers

Bunny Ears Headband

pick out silk flowers of your liking to decorate your bunny rabbit headband halloween costume or make it an easter crafts project

“Be Happy”-Sign

a be happy rustic floral chalkpaint sign from upcycled cardboard

More inspiration to use up those gazillion blossoms to come…promise!

How to make Wooden Flower Pegs

This is a project suitable for absolute beginners! Read along and make yourself some nice flower pegs you can use for a quadrillion purposes. You’ll need 10 minutes tops for a hand full of those beauties.

Pin it for later!

I just made these amazing floral memo board wood clips in less than 10 minutes. They make the pictures on my photo board even more decorative. Click for tutorial. | #simplecrafts #homedecor #pinboard #letterboard #fotoboard #woodenpegs #giftwrappingideas

Step 1 – Pick a Silk Flower

You have two options:

  1. Either pick a flower that is ready to go, or
  2. glue several pieces (flowers, leaves) together, like I did in the following picture.

gluing faux leaves on silk flower to make spring flower memo pin that also works great for gift wrapping

Step 2 – Add Wooden Clothespin

Grab a mini wooden peg and add hot glue to one side. Please, pay attention to not burn your fingers. The pegs are super tiny and the hot glue is super hot!

hot gluing tiny wooden clothespins to silk flowers to create reusable commando centre decor

Give it a couple of minutes to dry.

hoteling wooden pegs onto faux flowers to make DIY flower pegs to pin photos or notes to memo boards

Don’t they look pretty, all in a row? Even showing you their behinds 😉

die memo pegs made from wooden clothespins and silk flowers

Step 3 – Start Decorating

And you’re done!

Didn’t I tell you this was going to be the easiest crafts project you’ll be doing in forever?! Click for more of my beginners-projects, or flower crafts here.

simply clip handmade floral photo pin or peg to wire grid board

Now, start clipping happily away!

If you like the memo board in the following pic, you can totally make that yourself. Learn how to make a bent wire memo board that reads ‘remember’.

epicycle clothespins into unique floral pegs for your pin board memo board photo board or command center

You could use them to fix business cards on your memo board at work. And by that spruce up your office a little…

If you love flowers same as I do, you might also like:

business card pinned to white board with a decorative flower pin

Or add a motivational quote to a place you visit often (say your bathroom mirror or your families command centre).

motivational quote pinned with a floral peg to wire memo board

Free Printable “You Are Awesome!

Just so you know, you can totally grab this FREE Printable over in my Freebie-Collection (it’s a thank you for subscribing to my newsletter). I couldn’t decide on a frame, so I placed them there all for you to make that final decision. Which do you like best?

free printable you are awesome by Craftify My Love

Where Else To Use Your DIY Flower Pegs

Simply be creative and clip them to all and everything.

There are sooooo many options! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Keep scrolling for some visual inspiration, too.

business card pinned to white board with a decorative flower pin

decorate your wire grid memo board with silk flower wooden pegs or clothespins


DIY Easter gift wrapping easter basket idea. Bunny with pink flower and pom pom #craftifymylove #Eastercraft #giftbag #lastminutecraft #upcycling #giftwrappingidea

Share with me some of your ideas by sending me photos of your flower pegs new home! I will add them to the inspirational list in this post and give you full credit of course!


PS: When you’re busy right now, PIN this to Pinterest to make it later.

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  1. Hi Habiba,
    what a good idea! Love your flower Pegs! Will surely copy these!
    Looking forward to your next newsletter. Really glad I signed on. Always a real suprise!
    Love, Charmaine ?

    1. Charmaine, you are the best! Thank you so much for your kind words and the fun time we spent crafting together.

  2. I really love this idea Habiba! I’m going to find a way to use it in my own home!

  3. These are so cute! What a brilliant idea to add on flowers to the clothes pins, plain clothes pins are boring. I love an easy and cute craft.

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