10-Minute-Craft: Birds Painted Rock Photo Holder

learn how to make this diy bird painted rock photo holder in 10 minutes

I wanted to make a painted rock photo holder in a long time. Why? Because I have a quadrillion photos of my friends and family and am always looking for new ways to display them in my apartment and at work. If you’re a bookworm like I am, you might also like the idea of a photo memory bookmark.

Just last Thursday I spent the afternoon with my god-daughter at a local river collecting rocks, cooling our feet in the water and looking for fossils.

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collection rocks at the river for my diy painted rocks photo holder

Children have a wonderful imagination!

While my god-daughter was sitting on my lap, she spotted a crocodile in the sky. It took me only a couple of seconds to see it, too. Two clouds formed the wide open mouth of a crocodile. I guess I saved myself some of that imagination from years back. #love

What do you see in those nature finds?

All those treasures given by nature. Perfect for creative DIY projects.

When I saw the rock to the left of the picture, I spotted power lines and saw birdies sitting on them, immediately! I knew that I just found the rock for my painted rock photo holder.

SUPPLIES: Painted rock photo holder

The supplies you'll need for your painted rock photo holder DIY-project.

  • Rock
  • Faber-Castell Artist Pen in XS
  • Pliers
  • Wire
  • Hot-glue Gun

I had all those supplies at home. And I bet, you do, too! So why not sit down right now and make yourself a painted rock photo holder. It will take only 10 minutes of your time!

HOW TO: Painted rock photo holder

Pin it for later! Click for a free tutorial on how to make a birds painted rock photo holder. 10-Minute-Crafts!

Step 1: Design your rock

Using an artist pen in XS you'll paint bird shapes onto the rock.

Using an Artist Pen from Faber-Castell (I used size XS), paint birdies on those nature given white lines. I think they look a lot like power lines, don’t you think?!?

Step 2: Sculpting the photo holder

Wrapping wire around your painted rock photo holder. Try shaping it in bird form.

Wrap a piece of wire around your painted rock photo holder and try to form the top into bird shape.

Step 3: Finishing touches

Securing the wire of your painted rock photo holder with hot glue.

Fix the wire in place by adding hot glue to the bottom of the rock. My painted rock photo holder wouldn’t stand the way I wanted it to.

Pro-Tip by Habiba:
By applying the hot glue to the bottom I could alter the stance.

learn how to make this diy bird painted rock photo holder in 10 minutes

I added two more flying birds to the sky and found a photo of my god-daughter and I on our first visit to the Zoo together <3 .

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Comments (27)

  1. Oh Habiba the turtle shapes rocks just made me smile I ? it!!!! Painting rocks is so much fun ? I painted a few this weekend extremely relaxing ?

  2. This is really neat! My son is an avid rock collector. He’s been collecting since he was a little boy & still does at the age of 18. I’m sure I’ll have to find my own rock for this because his are special to him! 🙂

    1. You could offer him to make photo holders with a design he likes, maybe then he’ll let you work with some of his rocks.

  3. This is a cute project! I like your painted rock photo holder & you made it look easy, except I wouldn’t be able to draw a bird to save my life! I do think the rock looked like power lines though. Always keep your imagination!

    1. LOL Florence, I wasn’t quite happy with my birds either but I am always saying it doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s made with love and by myself. Thank you for your lovely comments!! ?

  4. Habiba you are indeed a true artist. I love the painted rock and photo you attached. I especially love the opening photo. So touching indeed. Items made with loving hands are always the best.

    1. Dear Ola, thank you for this lovely comment! I love spending time with the girls and I get excited when I see how wonderful the imagination of little children is.

    1. Thank you Lydia! I was starting to get annoyed by the rock tumbling over all the time…so I figured “hot-glue for the rescue!” lol

  5. I have a pile of rocks for another project, but I think I will dedicate some to this one now. This looks like I could even modify it so my 5 year old granddaughter could make one as a gift for her parents.
    This is simple and fast and packs a nice visual punch. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. What a lovely idea to let your granddaughter make one as a present!! I am sure you two will enjoy the crafty time together!!

    1. Sometimes I have a clear vision like in this project. And sometimes I am really surprised how a craft turns out to be?

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