Make An Ever-Blooming Rose Bush for Mother’s Day

This image shows an ever blooming diy paper rose bush made out of pink, violet and green construction paper.

Mother’s Day is just round the corner peeps!

Do you want to surprise your mother with some flowers? Yeah? How about they won’t wither and die anymore? I love the idea of giving my mum flowers she can rejoice in throughout the whole year! So I decided to make her an ever-blooming rose bush out of little branches and DIY paper roses.

Materials needed

  • twigs or branches
  • paper roses (see how they are done in this tutorial)
  • hot glue gun
  • vase or glass bottle
  • paper butterflies, optional (source: e. g. biology poster)

Whenever you’re out and about, open your eyes…

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…and search for lovely twigs or branches. Nature is wonderful and provides us with soooooo many free craft supplies. It’s a bonus if they have little extras, like the cones you can see on the ones I used. And of course you decide on the size of the ever-blooming rose bush! I once made a huge one for my bedroom and even added paper butterflies I cut out of a biology poster. My mums place isn’t that huge, so I opted for a tiny bush instead 😉 Also I didn’t have to craft a gazillion paper roses, duh!

Craft as many paper roses as you’ll need

At first you might want to start getting all the supplies ready. And obviously the paper roses are the number one thing to make. I created a detailed tutorial on how to make paper roses for you.

4 easy steps to make an ever-blooming rose bush

This image shows an ever blooming diy paper rose bush made out of pink, violet and green construction paper.

  1. Now find your vase or glass bottle and place your twigs or branches in it.
  2. You might need to cut the twigs and find an arrangement that looks fine.
  3. Hold your paper roses to the twigs to decide where you want them to go.
  4. Using your hot glue gun, you’ll fix the roses to the twigs.

ProTip by Habiba:

Put a blob of hot-glue on the bottom of your paper rose and let it start to dry for a couple seconds. Then press it to the part of the branch you want it to go (not too hard or you might snap the twig) and hold it for another couple seconds in place.

Also, please watch it, it’s super hot! No need to burn your fingers. I can tell you: It’s noooooo fun! Nope. Not. Believe me!

A perfect Mother’s Day gift

This image shows an ever blooming diy paper rose bush made out of old book pages

After all is dry you’ll have a fairly sturdy little (or not so little – depending on your earlier choice of twigs of course ;-)) ever-blooming rose bush. Of course it’s all natural twigs, so if you crash into them or drop them, twigs might break. So make sure to transport it carefully so your Mother’s Day gift will arrive sound and safe!

I am sure your mother will be thrilled!



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This image shows handmade ever-blooming paper roses and a DIY rose bush.

Story Time with Mrs. Shauna gave it a go!

See this lovely craft idea being featured in Mrs. Shaunas “Happy Mother’s Day”-Video on YouTube. I think the mini-mini ever-blooming rose bush is just stunning!

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  1. I’m an Artist and I always enjoy new crafts . This is very creative and beautiful ! Thank you !!

  2. Hi! Those roses r beautiful! You choose such vibrant colors. I wish my real rose bushes looked technicolored!! Thank u for sharing.
    Glad you were able to shine along with Mrs Shauna and Ernest! Lol

    1. Aaawwwww, Nancy! Thank you so much for this lovely message! I am so glad Mrs. Shauna took me in for this reading <3 and that I got to make new friends because of this.

  3. Thank you again Habiba for your lovely craft and working with me to feature it on my YouTube Channel ❤

  4. I saw this craft from Story time with Mrs.Shauna and I just had to see how it was made! Such a classy and decorative craft !

  5. Awe. What a beautiful, innovative, easy and economical craft. I loved it with Storytime with Mrs Shauna for Mother’s day. You rock !!

  6. I came here after watching Storytime with Mrs Shauna on you tube. My ‘miss 4 loves her you tube channel. With Mrs Shaunas suggestion we made had so much fun making the blooming rose bush and it looks amazing. Thank you ?

    1. Oh Sarah, that is awesome! If you’d like you could send me an image! I could think of a way to include it in my post.

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