Recycling Project: DIY Lace Candle Holders

lacy romantic shape cheque DIY candle holders recycling project

My biggest dream ‘housewise’ is: I want a porch! One day, I want to own a house with a wonderful peaceful porch. I keep collecting ideas on how to decorate it & the garden area on my inspiration board on Pinterest in forever, lol. I already am collecting treasures and crafting DIY’s such as these cute DIY lace candle holders to decorate it with.

Did you ever hear of the concept of visualizing something in order to make it happen? Yep! I guess that’s what I am doing.

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Repurposing Crafts & DIY’s Are My Favorite!

As always I enjoyed creating something new from trash and objects I already had at home. I am a frugal crafter that way and I love participating in Megans monthly Craft Room De-Stash Challenge. Read more about that further down.

Basically, almost all my projects would fit this challenge as my tactic is

  • to buy supplies whenever I stumble over something I really adore and come up with an idea on how to use it later.
  • Or I buy stuff that I know I’ll eventually use when it is on sale (like these adorable stencils).
  • And don’t let me even get started on all the treasures I find outside for free.


On the downside, I have a lot of things and they all need to be tucked away somehow in my home. Learn how I am mastering this task in my small-space craft room challenge.

How To Make Recycled DIY Lace Candle Holders

Now, this is again a super simple 2-step upcycling home decor project that will add a little romantic touch to your home in no time.

If you have to spray paint your candle sticks, that is what will probably take up the most time of this cute ambient lighting project.

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For now, I placed my candle holders on top of my Anthropologie inspired dresser. I painted it with my DIY chalk paint and stenciled it with a darling floral pattern.

Supplies For Shabby Chique Candle Holders

craft supplies for lace and jar lids upcycling DIY candle holders

1 – Spray Painting The Lids

If you have lids that are already in a nice calm color such as silver, gold or white, then I’d leave them as are.

Mines were in dark blue and red and thus not at all matching the summery white, baby blue and rose lace I chose. So I spray painted them. Of course, I was out on white spray paint, so I used chrome. That was what I had at hand and it worked just fine.

Let the spray painted lids dry properly.

lid from a pickles jar upcycling DIY project: interior design using spray paint

2 – Adding The Lace

Heat up your hot glue gun and start gluing the lace around your lids. Pay attention, the hot glue will seep through the lace (probably not as much with this one). Don’t burn your fingers!

project for creative home decorating on a budget. Frugal crafter recycling ambient lighting

Cut the lace a little overlapping (this way you won’t be having an opening showing at the upper side) and add a little more hot glue to stick it to the lid.

cut lace for quick and easy upcycling home decor project: candle sticks on a budget

I think layering different colors or styles of lace looks absolutely gorgeous, don’t you think?

You could use left-overs from previous projects or snippets you’ve found at yard sales or at the thrift store.

lacy romantic shape cheque DIY candle holders recycling project

Looking at these I think they would also look stunning

  • at a summer picnic. Nothing beats an airy and romantic garden decor. Don’t you think?
  • How about a boho wedding table setting?
  • But I can also picture myself with these beauties on a nice fall evening on my porch. Maybe snuggled up in a crocheted blanket?!

Where would you place them in your home or garden?

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Comments (18)

    1. Haha, yeah! I’ll follow through on that plan and eventually, I’ll have my porch *BLISS*. I’m glad you like this simple craft.

  1. I used to have a large bag of antique lace but have lost track of it during several moves. – Margy

  2. These candle holders are so cute! What a clever idea to use jar lids! The lace gives them such a pretty finishing touch. I love upcycled projects and crafts, too. Pinning.

    1. Thank you Beverly for your nice words. I like that upcycling projects are super fun, easily affordable, and good for mother nature at the same way!

  3. Very Beautiful I love these!! You will get your porch of your dreams I just know it! Thank you for sharing all your love for crafts with the world!

    1. My dear friend, even if o tried, I could not not post about my crafts. I am currently trying to do less because of my health, but crafting and spreading the knowledge is giving me so much energy that I won’t stop doing it. Thank you for your support and always kind words.

    1. Thank you Megan for your support. I am living these little additions to my home a lot. I was a great project.

  4. Oh, my word! These are so pretty! We have a backyard BBQ shindig each October. These would be PERFECT to scatter around the tables. Thank you for the instructions. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Marci, that sounds just darling! If you find the time to make them and really do decorate with them, I’d so love to see a photo. Enjoy the BBQ.

    1. How awesome is that? We could spend a crafternoon together on your porch on my next visit to the US.

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