Top 11 Craft and DIY Posts 2017

2017 top craft and diy posts. Easy projects for your home and heart. Click to start crafting... | | #topposts2017 #topposts #top10 #topcraftprojects #bestof2017 #papercrafts #crocheting #IKEAhacks #sharpieart #homedecor

In case you haven’t been sticking around all year, I found my top 11 Craft and DIY Posts 2017 for you! And yep, anyone can do the top 10, so I’ll be doing the top 11, lol.

After a year of blogging, I’ve learned a lot! One thing is that people really do like my easy tutorials and happy projects. And I am mighty proud of that fact!

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What I learned from my first year of blogging

Are you interested what else I learned in my first year of blogging? Yeah? I am happy to share it with you, just keep on reading:

  1.! BAM
  2. I let my passion run over strategy. Poor thing, I’ll take more care of her next year.
  3. Set priorities! Eat healthily and exercise.
  4. Life happens – plan ahead.
  5. Success gives you Energy. Lots of!
  6. Creativity gives you Energy. Even more!
  7. You define what success means to you!
  8. It’s ok to feel self-doubt every now and then. Wallow in it for a day and then get over it!
  9. Done is better than perfect.
  10. Quit inflicting pressure on yourself already. It’s ok to not be perfect!
  11. Authenticity rules! People like the fact that I am a human being and NOT a ROBOT.

I am wondering if I should go into more detail and explain those 11 facts I’ve learned in 2017? Let me know if you want to read more about this in another post, k?

Top 11 Craft and DIY Posts 2017

I sorted my top 11 craft and DIY posts 2017 by topic. Please make sure to leave me a note in the comments!

Which one is your absolute favorite?

Top 11 craft and diy posts 2017. Click for a collection of easy tutorials and fun crafty projects. | #topposts2017 #topposts #top10 #topcraftprojects #bestof2017 #papercrafts #crocheting #IKEAhacks #sharpieart #homedecor

IKEA Hacks

1. My first ever IKEA Hack using Tarva and a wonderful set of oriental stencils

This image shows the finished IKEA Hack TARVA oriental inspired.

2. IKEA Hack Tufted Storage Ottoman to create even more space for my crafty stash, lol.

free tutorial on how to make your very own diy storage ottoman with tufting

Halloween & German Fasching or Karneval

3. Sparkly Butterfly Wings to let out that little creature that lives deep inside you

handmade DIY butterfly or fairy wings in pink and lavender

4. Butterfly Antennae Headband – the probably easiest DIY costume ever!

how to make antennae for butterfly halloween costume

Paper Crafts

5. Easy Paper Roses + tutorials for various craft projects

This image shows ever-blooming paper roses and offers a free tutorial

6. Simple DIY envelope using any paper you have at home

DIY handmade envelope and water color greeting card


7. Puff Stitch Beanie and Infinity Scarf – my all time favorite!!!

Free pattern puff stitch beanie and loop, suitable for absolute beginners, by Habiba from

8. Basic Crocheted Men’s Hat – you’ll find a link to a striped version of this hat, too.

Quickly done crocheted basic men's hat or beanie in dark grey

9. Crocheted Newborn Flip Flops

handmade crocheted baby flip flops with a flower

Garden Inspired Projects

10. Sparkly Dragonflies you can use as plant sticks, or in crafty projects

craft project including photo tutorial on how to make wire dragonflies with sparkling swarovski bodies.

11. DIY Sharpie Shoes – who would have thought I can paint like that?! I bet you can, too!

this image shows hand painted sharpie shoes with a garden and under water theme

I have to tell you, going through all my posts from 2017 makes me somehow nostalgic. Crafting is my favorite pastime and I have thousands of new projects in my head.

Can’t wait to tell you all about them.

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