Paper Christmas Tree from Vintage Books

Paper Christmas tree decoration using the accordion fold method

I love books and I love Christmas. So this Paper Christmas Tree from an old book is a kind of a “duh”-project for me, right?

If I am being honest, I don’t enjoy seasonal decorating very much. But this year is different somehow. I seem to have caught the Christmas-Decoration-Bug and I hardly can’t sit still for a moment because I am in full on creation mode.

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Maybe this is so because, since I started my blog Craftify My Love about a year ago, I get to show you how to make these simple crafts and hopefully motivate you getting your craft on as well.

Supplies for your Paper Christmas Tree project

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You’ll obviously need an old book. Now please DON’T go and find a 1st edition classic and start cutting it apart. I found my book at a thrift store for 1 Euro (which is about the same as $1).

You can use one book for many projects!

Just pay attention that the book pages will be somewhat sturdy and maybe a bit yellowish. You’ll get an extra point for finding a book with an old font.

Supplies you'll need to make vintage books paper Christmas trees


      • Vintage book
      • shashlik sticks (you can buy them on Amazon – I use them for many crafts)
      • glitter glue (I love to have a set of multiple colors at home)
      • wood slice (even those you can get online, amazing, right?)
      • puffy glitter stars (I am still trying to find them online for you, I bought mine at the local dollar store)
      • Exacto Knife (this is similar to the one I use and love)
      • wood glue (I like this one)
      • scissors (if you craft a lot it’s worth to invest in a set of good quality)
      • ruler (I always use the ruler I bought for sewing)
      • pencil
      • drilling machine (it doesn’t need to be a big daddy machine if you’re afraid to it, this one will do the trick just fine. I got mine for Valentine’s Day ? )

How to make Paper Christmas Trees from vintage book pages

It’s a simple and very versatile project, really. You can use any kind of paper (old book pages, scrapbooking paper or thicker wrapping paper. You can vary the size of your trees and create a little paper tree forest.

Let your mind wander and get creative…

I added a Video Tutorial HERE for you at the end of this post. So if you’d rather watch than read how to make this paper Christmas tree, then make sure to CLICK HERE or scroll all the way down and please …

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Video Tutorial for a DIY Paper Christmas Trees Projekt from old books. Click for simple instructions. | #diychristmasdecoration #papercrafts #upcycledchristmastree #christmasdecor #upcycling #upcycledvintagebooks

Step 1 – Prepare triangles for Paper Christmas Tree

Using an X-Acto knife, you’ll be cutting a page from your vintage book.

Tip: You should always use a self-healing mat to protect your craft surface. I found a great value combo of mat & knife HERE.

Trace a triangle on the paper. For my little paper Christmas tree forest, I cut out these three sizes 9,5 x 15 cm, 10 x 17 cm, 12 x 18 cm. (Google will help you translate cm into inches 😉 )

First, you’ll draw the base (e. g. 9,5 cm) with a ruler and pencil. Then you’ll mark the middle at 4,75 cm. Measure 15 cm up from that point and make a little dot marking. Then you’ll be connecting the dot mark to the left and right side of your previously drawn base.

Tip: You can see how this step is done in the video tutorial at the end of this post.

Cut out the triangle.

learn how to make a paper Christmas tree from vintage books

Step 2 – Give your paper Christmas tree dimension

Using the accordion fold, you’ll zig zac fold your previously prepped paper triangles.


cut out paper triangle from an old book and accordion fold it

Step 3 – Make a hole for your paper Christmas tree’s stem

Mark the middle of your folded triangle book page. And make a hole for the BBQ skewer aka tree trunk. Use the point of your X-Acto knife and carefully make a hole twisting and turning the knife.

Please be very careful not to hurt yourself. Those knives are very sharp!!!

cutting a hole to insert the trunk to your paper christmas tree

Step 4 – Adding the stem and glitter

lots of glitter, lol! It’s Christmas after all 😉 and this is a post I dedicated to this month “Bling on the Holidays Blog” Hop. If you want to make sure what my blogging friends came up with, make sure to go find their tutorials at the end of this post!

Push the wooden skewer carefully through the hole you’ve just made. Again twisting and turning is the way to go so you won’t rip the paper Christmas tree’s base.

Once you’ve reached, say, the middle of the skewer, carefully start unfolding the accordion fold prepared paper towards the top. Shape your trees until you’re happy with the outcome.

This step is again better explained in motion than using photos & words. So make sure to check the video tutorial further down.

Decorate your little trees using glitter glue and add a tree topper (I used a foamy glitter star from the dollar store).

decorating your vintage book christmas trees with glitter glue

Step 5 – Let the glitter glue dry

Now, this step is also called “patience training” for me. Do you have any tips? What do you do while waiting for your crafty projects to dry?

I decorated the front and back of my paper trees in one setting and let them dry in an upright position. Some of the glitter glue blobs would start running downwards a bit.

But honestly, I don’t care. #HeartThoseImperfections

If you want to prevent this, though, you’ll have to be even more patient and decorate each side separately, and let them dry lying flat.

letting your decorated paper christmas trees dry

Step 6 – Assembly of your little Christmas tree forest

Decide where you want your trees to go and make a mark using a pencil or pen.

An uneven number looks better most of the times.

Find your drilling machine and a drill that has the same circumference than your shashlik sticks or is just slightly bigger. Drill a hole in each mark you’ve made.


Maybeeeeee you’ll want to pay attention as to not drill through the wood slice if you really like your desk. If you have your eye on a new desk anyways and need an excuse…then work that drilling machine, Girl!

assembly of upcycled paper christmas trees and wood slice

Check if the trees fit easily into the holes. If so, then insert a little crafting glue or wood glue into the holes and secure your paper Christmas trees into the wood slice.

And, you’re done!

How do you like this Christmasy sparkly paper crafts project? I really like the outcome!

As I am writing this post and editing the photos I realize that there is so much room on the wooden slice that I’ll be adding some greens (maybe some fir twigs) and go find my little wax baby Jesus in my decor stash for even more Christmas spirit!

Easy DIY Projekt: Paper Christmas trees made from vintage books

Video Tutorial – How to make A Paper Christmas Tree Forest

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  1. These are darling! I could see sticking them in the house plants to dress them up for the holidays too. What a fun idea with endless possibilities. Pinned.

    1. You are absolutely right! I thought so, too, as I stuck them into my pebbles jar for drying. Thank you so much for pinning!

  2. These are so elegant and pretty. I’d use them in my houseplants. Pinned to my Christmas Tree board so I can make some. Your video is very helpful.

  3. Thanks for this great idea, Habiba! I modified it a little bit to do with my 3 & 5 year old granddaughters. We used some old sheet music of a Christmas song, did a color wash with green on one side, glued on cheesecloth with watered down glue on the back to make them a little less fragile, and used tiny stickers for ornaments. They loved it!

    1. Your modification sounds great. I’m super happy that my little trees could be an inspiration. I haven’t been blogging in ages since my two boys 3 years and 9 months keep me busy all the time, but we are still super creative and are crafting often. I am taking pics all the while and hope to share and inspire soon. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sally-Anne.

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