Upcycled Advent Wreath from Recycled Tin Cans

recycled tin cans advent wreath decoration in red and greens for that typical farm house flair

Today you’ll find a lot of inspiration on Craftify My Love on how to decorate an upcycled Advent wreath. Come along and join me on this happy craft and start preparing your home for the upcoming season…

I enjoy the Advent season a lot. Albeit it can be a little stressful at times, right? By following family traditions, I try to remember that this should be the quiet time of year, spent with family and friends.

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In my family we craft a lot, we laugh until, in tears, we sit together and enjoy a chat and sing traditional songs. Of course, this is even more enjoyable with a hot cocoa in hand sitting in a lovingly decorated living room.

Supplies for Upcycled Advent Wreath

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Supplies for a recycling craft project using old cans for a DIY Christmas decoration

How To: Upcycled Advent Wreath

Follow along and learn how to make four individually decorated decor elements for this year’s Advent season:

  • First Sunday of Advent – Continue reading this post
  • Second Sunday of Advent – Hop on over to my detailed post on Hometalk
  • Third Sunday of Advent – Click for YouTube Video (as this was one of my first videos, it’s a bit lengthy 😉 )
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent – Video coming soon (this one is more to the point, lol. Let me know what you like better.)

Upcycled Advent Decor from recycled tin cans plus natural moss and thrifted ornaments. Click for step by step instructions including video tutorial now | #adventwreath #upcyclingtincans #winterdecor #Christmasdecoration #videotutorial #reindeerornament #thrifted #upcycled #recycled #naturaldecor #moss

First Sunday of Advent

Using a piece of the smaller ribbon you’ll be tieing your heart-shaped ornament (the one I found is out of wood and red felt) to the empty can.

adding Christmas ornaments to upcycled tin can advent wreath

Add moss to the can. It is important to stuff the can really full, so the candle will have a firm hold later on.

adding natural moss for crafty advent decoration project

Prepare the chalkboard label for your first can. I wrote the number on it before sticking it to the can because I didn’t want the writing to be off because of the cans pattern.


chalk board stickers to count weeks till Christmas advent wreath

Peel it off and add Mod Podge to the back. Press it firmly to the can.

If you give the glue a couple of seconds to start drying before sticking the label to the can, you’ll have a better result.

sticking chalk board sticker to recycled tin can advent decoration

Now punch a hole into the base of the candle. You can use various tools to do so. I used the candle holder I considered for this DIY project in the first place but ended not liking.

Then, stick a shashlik stick into the candle (I’d say 1,5 cm deep) and clip it short according to the height of your recycled tin can.


preparing the candle with a shashlik stick for a Christmas DIY project

Stick your prepared candle into the first decor element of your upcycled Advent wreath.

first week of advent recycled tin can project

One done, three more to go…

Second Sunday of Advent

Number 1 and 2 of recycled tin can advent wreath decoration

Hop on over to my Hometalk post to learn how to decorate the recycled can for the second Sunday in Advent.


Third Sunday of Advent

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Fourth Sunday of Advent

Video coming soon 😉

recycled tin cans advent wreath project

Are you celebrating the Advent season in your family? If so I really hope you consider making this fun and frugal craft project to decorate your home some more for the upcoming season. Enjoy!



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Festive recycling craft for Christmas. Click for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make this upcycling advent decor. #craftifymylove #adventwreath #advenzkranz #recyclingcraft #tincanDIY #frugalhomedecor #farmhouse

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