Stenciled Wooden Storage Box

Marrakesh oriental decorated wooden yarn storage box using an intricate stencil

I enjoy so many crafts and creative techniques that I have a ton of craft supplies and tools in my home. As you might guess, I am always in need of storage and it is a plus, when the storage matches my home decor. Being a creative person, I simply make my storage match my decor as I did with this stenciled wooden storage box.

I give myself extra points if I can make my projects happen on a very small budget. So trips to the thrift store or walking through my life with open eyes (always on the lookout for precious road side finds) is a must for me.

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I am using this box to store the yarn for current projects and my crochet supplies & tools. Right now, there is a giant pile on my box as I am in super crocheting mood as the temperatures are dropping and the days get shorter. I even sat down and poured my crochet knowledge into a Free Crochet Course for Beginners HERE.


Thrift Store Upcycle

One day I stumbled over this sturdy wooden box in one of my local thrift stores. I am always flabbergasted at the prices. This hardwood box only cost 50 Cents and I know I will have it forever!

supplies for an upcycled wooden storage box using stain and a stencil

Even More Thrift Store Finds & Creative Ideas

Can you see the doilies in the box? I got them for 50 cents each. I picture some darling grandma sitting in a comfy chair in the sun happily crocheting away. It was a must saving them and giving them a second life.

I am planning to upcycle t-shirts or a blouse with them or making a DIY table runner. I dedicated two for my stenciling projects and made this kitchen utensils holder for my little sister.

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Thrift Store Challenge

I love connecting with like-minded people, so naturally I love participating in the monthly Thrift Store Challenge, hosted by Angela.

The Rules:

  • Upcycle an item(s) from a thrift store, resale store, or garage sale into a new piece of decor.
  • There’s no monthly theme.
  • There’s no budget to stick to.

Meet the Hosts

Angela | Simply Beautiful by Angela
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 Michelle | Our Crafty Mom – Jenny | Cookies Coffee and Crafts  – Victoria | Dazzle While Frazzled
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Make sure to check out the thrifted creations my friends made, at the end of this post.

How to make a stenciled wooden storage box

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It is super easy to make this stained and stenciled wooden storage box. I use it for my crochet supplies but really it can hold anything you want. Read up how to transform any old box into beautiful storage space. #craftifymylove #stenciling #stain #DIY #storage #upcycling #homedecor #thrifted

Supplies to Stain & Stencil

  • Wooden box
  • Paint or stain if you want to change the base color (I used stain from my local home depot in walnut)
  • Stencil (mine is called Marrakesh) and Stenciling Supplies (read up what Stenciling Supplies I love to work with HERE)
  • Sanding paper if you want to distress the box a little

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Clean your thrift store find thoroughly.
  • If need be, prepare the surface before painting using sanding paper and/or a sander. I didn’t as my box was from untreated wood.
  • Paint or Stain your box if you want to give it a new base color. I used walnut to match my other DIY furniture.
  • Let dry.
  • Decide on a stencil design and start stenciling. Grab your Free Guide to all the Must-Knows about Stenciling HERE.
  • If you like the look, grab your sanding paper and distress in places that would naturally wear off.

Marrakesh oriental decorated wooden yarn storage box using an intricate stencil

Voilà, there you have it! Doesn’t it look nice?

I think it matches my boho-industrial-farmhouse design (I learned about my decor style combination from the DIY Mommy) I have going on in my living room, perfectly.

What would you be storing in a box like this? And are you a crocheter, too?



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Learn everything about Stenciling Supplies:

Must have supplies to make your next stenciling project a complete success

How to Use a Stencil the Right Way:

Free Download! The Everything-You-Need-To-Know Guide in order to not mess up your next stenciling project.

Learning to crochet:

Learn how to crochet, a collection of Stitches, abbreviations, and video tutorials curated by Habiba from

And now for more thrifty goodness!

Check out what my fellow upcyclers created below!

Comments (10)

  1. The box is so cute and what a deal for 50 cents! Crafting and storage go hand in hand and I like it to match my decor too, since it’s out a lot. I like your boho farmhouse style.

    1. Thank you, Debra. It was one of my first stencilling projects and it is anything but perfect but it turned out great anyways.

    1. Hey my friend! So glad to hear from you. Yes, it can hold anything. Would be great for the books or toys of your kids, too.

  2. Would like to try my hand at making one of these for my cross stitching. I have it squeezed into a too-small basket right now. But this is much more attractive. It has a vintage look and feel. Beautifully done!

    1. I hope you can find a box in a good size. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this project and your cross stitching supplies will love their new home.

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