3D Felt Bookmark – Mr. Penguin

how to make summer reading more fun? DIY this fun felt bookmark with your kids

Today you will learn how to make Mr. Penguin, a 3D felt bookmark, from scratch. But not only can you make a penguin bookmark after you’ve read this tutorial.

No! I’ve created a fun mix & match template for you, so you can create a fun felt owl or bird armada, too.

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Use them as bookmarks or as mere decorative elements for your home.

The best thing:

You will be the designer in this crafts project and will decide on color, hairdo, and accessories.

Inspiration can be found everywhere

Funny enough, I found inspiration for this little penguin while reading an old school book at the beach in Florida. A little girl was wearing an adorable life west like this one and the idea for this 3D felt bookmark was born.

Other projects I’ve found inspiration for on this trip:

craft these happy bookmarks as a fun summer reading motivation for your kids.

Penguin 3D Felt Bookmark Supplies

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supplies for penguin felt bookmark kids craft project

  • Felt sheets in black, white, and yellow
    If you have felt at home, great! Use it doesn’t matter how thick it is, it will work anyways. I’ve tried! The thinner the felt, the more see through the white, though.
  • Yellow ribbon (again I used what I’ve already had at home)
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Embellishments such as rhinestones, glitter or mini ribbon roses (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue or Crafting Glue
  • Spray Adhesive
    I’ve used this from a previous quilting project, it is temporary, but I won’t wash those bookmarks, so it’s going to be ok. It’s a bit pricey, you could easily use something like this, too.
  • Freezer Paper or regular paper
  • Printer for your mix and match template

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How to Make a Penguin 3D Felt Bookmark

In both, the following photo + video tutorial you’ll learn how to make a 3D felt bookmark using my preferred technique.

Over at my friend Pam’s blog P. S. I Love You Crafts I am explaining another way to use the bookmark template without freezer paper.

Preparations for your 3D Felt Bookmark

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A little behind the scenes:
The following pic shows you my creating process of this pattern. I made sketches of the different hairdo, the body, wings, beak, and bow on paper and cut them out. When I was happy with the end result, I traced it back on a piece of paper, scanned it and am providing it now for you to use for our hobby crafts.

download free printable template for penguin and owl mix and match craft and cut into individual parts

Print your template on freezer paper according to the package’s directions (print on the blunt side), cut it to size and match with according color of felt.

  • 2x body (1x white, 1x black)
  • 2x wings (black)
  • 1x beak (yellow)
  • 1x hairdo (black, or be creative – even your penguin can have a fun hairdo, so choose from one of the 4 style options)

The closer you cut around the lines, the less felt you will waste with this project.

print free mix and match owl penguin bookmark or card template on freezer paper and cut to size

Iron freezer paper snippets onto felt, shiny side down. A short press with a medium heated iron (no steam!) will do.

iron freezer paper cut outs of owl template onto felt. Easy children crafting set

Cut along the lines of your templates.

cut along the lines of your ironed on template bookmark. Great gift idea for bookworms

Peel the freezer paper off. Now if you were using a fairly thin sheet of felt your element might change shape a little. Don’t fret, when you are gluing your penguin 3D felt bookmark together this won’t be noticeable anymore.

peel freezer paper off of cut out penguin elements for DIY felt bookmark

Cut a piece of ribbon, that will be the actual marker for your book!

I suggest you leave it super long. The ribbon will then mark your page inside of the book. This way the penguin can lie on your books cover and be a visual element and not be hidden & squeezed inside the book.

Use shorter pieces of the same yellow ribbon for the penguin’s feet.

Now, assemble your Mr. Penguin bookmark

In preparation for the gluing process, I like to put all the pieces together to see if I am happy with the result.

set your individual elements of this kids craft penguin felt bookmark together as preparation for assembly

Spray the black side of your penguin’s body with spray adhesive. Please be careful as to not use too much, else the tacky stuff will leak through to the other side.

Place the ribbon on the felt and add some more tacky spray on the ribbon.


covering the ribbon that is your marker of the bookmark with tacky spray for fabric

  • Place the white body element on top of the black one.
  • Spray the hairdo with tacky glue and add it to your 3D bookmark.
  • You can use crafting glue or hot glue (dries way faster) to add the wiggle eyes.

Wiggly Eyes crafting project can be attached using hot glue or craft glue

Fold the beak in half and cover one half with glue. Press it down between and under the wiggle eyes.

using craft glue or spray adhesive attach the beak to fun arts and craft kids bird bookmark

Now, for the wings:

Fold them in half and spray your glue to the top part.

Place the penguin between the wing and press together for a couple of seconds.

using spray adhesive glue the felt circle wing to your layering penguin owl bookmark

And there you have it! A cute little Mr. Penguin 3D felt bookmark.

penguin kids craft felt bookmark mix & match rainy day summer fun activity


  • Add the little bow from your template or a mini ribbon rose to your penguin you would have created Girly Penguin.
  • Mix things up with other color felt sheets and create an owl instead (see next photo for examples).
  • Get creative with all sorts of accessories: add sequins, ricrac trim, rhinestone flowers or glitter glue.

Over at Favecrafts.com, you will find many other felt crafts, too.


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I think the fellow with the orange hair has quite some similarity to John Lennon, don’t you think?

Maybe I should make him little glasses from crafting wire, lol.

What do you say? Will you make yourself a Mr. Penguin bookmark or go crazy and make several? I think they’d make great gifts to a bookworm.


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