Purple & Violet Shaker Bookmark in a Glitter Pocket

pink glitter shaker bookmark DIY tutorial for your kids to craft this summer
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Learn how to make a memory keepsake bookmark from admission tickets. This purple & violet design is actually a bookmark in a glitter pocket for a little extra girly note.

You will be using a power tool called a fuse. You might need to assist your children with this tool as it will heat up in order to melt the plastic into the glitter pocket.

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If you are working with very young children and rather not use this tool, check out the turquoise & blue design I’ve created here.

blue and turquoise admission ticket bookmark using scrapbook paper leftovers as a creative outlet for your kids this summer

Supplies for A Shaker Bookmark in a Glitter Pocket

You can find the complete supply list for this project here.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Your Bookmark in a Glitter Pocket

1 – Cut a Base for your Bookmark

Place the entrance ticket on a piece of paper. I’ve used a violet cardstock my little god-daughter INSISTED I buy, lol. She loves herself some purple and violet and so this was the most perfect paper for her design.

Make sure to have enough space around the ticket stub to decorate with washi tape later on. Either use a ruler and mark the cutting line or freestyle it when using a sharp knife or a paper cutter.

cut a piece of scrapbook paper to size as a base for your child's summer craft bookmark

2 – Decorate the Edges with Washi Tape

I am a serious lover of Washi-Tape. I have a big collection and I use it for almost everything. Here are just a few examples:

  • Stick a photo to a wall or a piece of furniture. It looks super decorative if you give the photo a ‘frame’ of washi tape and if you take it off again, no harm will be done to the wall or furniture.
  • I use it instead of tape: Seal an envelope with it for extra fun. Stick a to-do list to your memory board. Or that grocery list to the fridge.
  • I use it as design elements in my crafts projects.
  • Wrapping gifts with washi tape and just simple brown paper is super fun.

I use my washing tape collection to decorate almost everything in my home. It's a DIY necessity for sure!

Find a color and pattern of washi tape in your stash that matches your design. Stick it along one side of your bookmark’s base. Make sure to only stick half of the washi tapes width to the paper …

Using your kids favourite colours in supplies to make a bookmark from ticket stubs.

… turn your bookmark around and bend the washi tape over.

let your children decorate their summer activities keepsake bookmark using wash tape

3 – Glue the Ticket and Embellishments in Place

I’d recommend you use a glue stick for the ticket and any kind of all-purpose crafting glue for other embellishments. My god-daughter loves herself some sparkle, so I chose a rhinestone flower.

glueing a rhinestone flower onto my handmade memento bookmark

5 – Create the Glitter Pocket

If you are happy with the design of your bookmark place it inside a sheet protector or even a ziplock bag might work (whatever you have at home). And add as much glitter confetti as you like.

place the already decorated bookmark from summer activities tickets into a document wallet and add as much glitter as you like

6 – Seal the Glitter Pocket

Using the fuse, you’ll be sealing the glitter pocket shut.

Normally you’d use a little rolling fuse tool that I could not find. Arrrgggghhhh!!! It was one of those moments. So I had to make do with what I had at hand.

using a dremel or a fuse to seal the glitter sequins into foil in this kids craft bookmark project

7 – Create a Hole for the Ribbon

I didn’t use the fuse on purpose as I wasn’t so sure about the reaction of the paper and the melting tool of the fuse. I used a hole punch instead.

punch a hole into your summer fun voucher bookmark to add a tassel

… and sealed the sheet protector around the freshly created hole shut with some craft glue. Why? So you won’t find glitter sequins all over your house because of leakage.

add glue to prevent glitter falling out of your diy bookmark from tickets

8 – Add a Ribbon

Add one or two pieces of ribbon in a matching color. I used a store-bought one on the left, but I recycled the ones on the right for free! Are you interested to know where I got them from? Then go read up about it in my FREE Guide to Craft Supplies for Low or No Money.

colourfully designers back of bookmarks from summer fun admission tickets

And you’re done!

My god-daughters favorite summer book right now is about a little mermaid called MEJA. What is your kids favorite summer read?

my goddaughters favourite summer reading book is about mermaids and handmade kids crafted bookmarks


Or get creative and come up with your own design? What supplies would you include?


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Awesome glitter shaker bookmark to craft with your little girl this summer to make summer reading extra fun! #craftifymylove #shakerbookmark #glittercraft #kidscraft #summerreading #crafternoon

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Comments (8)

  1. This is such a fun way to remember an experience and I love it! My hubby and I save tickets to events we attend all the time, we have a jar just for that. I would have too many book marks but I am going to do this with the Grands this summer. It will help to reinforce their summer reading when their book marks are fun memories! Love this!

    1. Thank you Shirley! I think I saw done of your collection when we visited this May. Say hi to the grands when crafting.

  2. Omgee, we think alike. I planned on making shaker bookmarks with my girls this summer and already have the supplies to make them. I think this is such a fun craft and is something that will get used.

    1. Yasss! I didn’t know that word exists. Sometime this happens s when English is not your first language, lol. But that’s exactly what you do with them ??

    1. I seem to not be able to walk past it when I’m in the shops. I bring home more all the time ?

  3. This is such a cute idea! No only does it preserve a memory but it encourages the kids to read because they’re going to want to use their new bookmark. I like that!

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