Summer Keepsake: Turquoise & Blue Washi Tape Bookmark

blue and turquoise admission ticket bookmark using scrapbook paper leftovers as a creative outlet for your kids this summer

Summertime is day trip and fun excursion time. Make sure to save the admission tickets or vouchers so you can create a fun memento washi tape bookmark from them.

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Difficulty Level

This is an almost all paper craft and can be done by kids of any age. Let them have fund and their creativity run wild and only assist if they really need you to.

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If your kids are ok using a fusing tool, you might want to check out the purple & violet design that comes in a glitter pocket. Note that it doesn’t have to be purple & violet and that you can place ANYTHING in that pocket. It could be dried flowers leaves, a foreign coin, or whatnot. Make this bookmark your own by being creative.

fun summer activity for kids: turn tickets into bookmarks

Supplies for A Washi Tape Bookmark

You can find the complete tools & supply list for this project here.

How to make a Washi Tape Bookmark

1 – Cut a Base for your Bookmark

I used a turquoise scrapbook paper with glittery details. Cut a piece big enough to hold your ticket nicely. You might want to have enough room for the decorations you have in mind.

ticket stubs from my trip to the zoo with my goddaughter turned into a bookmark

You could either use a cutting mat, ruler and a sharp knife to do so or a paper cutter if you have one at hand. Scissors will work fine, too.

2 – Add the ticket stub

A glue stick will work just fine.

Crate a fun memento with your kids after a trip to the zoo

3 – Decorate with Washi Tape

As a godmother of a little creative girl who comes to visit every now and then, I have a big box of washi tape at home. If I am really honest here, we both enjoy using it.

I use my washing tape collection to decorate almost everything in my home. It's a DIY necessity for sure!

Just to name a few options you could use Washi tape as a grown up:

  • gift wrapping: I love to use brown paper or even just printing paper and add my own design to it with Washi
  • home decor: I love to be surrounded by photos of my loved ones and I love to change them out frequently. I stick them to the wall or furniture with a ‘frame’ of washi tape.
  • supplement for clear tape: I love to surround myself with happy things. Clear tape is plain boring, don’t you think?

Using wash tape to decorate your summer excursion ticket turned bookmark

You can decorate the front and the back of your washi tape bookmark. And to mix things up a little, try different angles.

fun summer activity for kids: turn tickets into bookmarks

4 – Punch a Hole and Add Ribbon

Using a hole punch from your office, you’ll make a hole in the top center. Find some matching ribbon and thread it through.

Fun idea, not shown in pics:
If you have some beads flying around your home, you could knot some to the ribbon for more weight and more fun.

And I guess that’s it.

BONUS: Longevity Tip

If you want to protect your washi tape bookmark, so it will be in your family for a long time, consider laminating it.

Do you already have a laminator at home? If not you might want to consider to invest in one: They are not expensive anymore…I’d say you should be able to find some desent ones for a little over $ 20 now.

I love my laminator and think it’s super practical really. Just think! You could use it to seal all sorts of things: Kids crafts, recipes, chore charts, you name it!


If you enjoyed this tutorial, make sure to check out these other bookmark inspirations. Because they make really good gifts, too!

Have you ever made a bookmark before? If so, what materials and technique did you use?


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Making these ticket stubs bookmarks with our kids can be the perfect summer activity after a fun field trip! Working memories into usable objects is a great way to be grateful every day. #craftifymylove #papercrafts #bookmark #summerreading #summeractivity #memorabilia


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