Dashwood Wrist Warmers – or – What I’ve Learned From DIYing

crocheted wrist warmers, handmade by Habiba from craftifymylove.com

Sooooo I stumbled over an absolutely  lovely image and pattern for fairy, curly, fragil, really romantic looking wrist warmers by Annie’s e-patterncentral.com which I bought immediately. The aforementioned how-to cost me only 3,99 $ and I could download the instructions immediately.

Impatient me, couldn’t wait of course to buy the yarn needed and crocheted right away with whatever yarn was handy – naturally the colour was absolutely darling! So why should I bother to do the gauge? Thinking of it, it seems I never can be bothered to do these couple of rows which would guarantee for a perfect end result *add a megagalactic eye roll here, please*.

Guess what?

As of now I crocheted three pairs of those wrist warmers. Three! Can you believe it?  And let me tell you, each pair is NOT PERFECT and I feel a little FRUSTRATION  bubbling up my system, as I seem to be an incorrigible idiot when it comes to NOT following crocheting instructions. Why oh why am I such an impatient little bee?
crocheted wrist warmers, handmade by Habiba from craftifymylove.com
keeping warm with the almost too big wrist warmers while running errands on the day before christmas
 crocheted wrist warmers, handmade by Habiba from craftifymylove.com
The first wrist warmer of the third pair is less bulgy than the second pair and almost fairy like in comparison to the first wrist warmers – which were fit to be worn by a dinosaur. But I get the feeling I’ll try a little bravery when crocheting the second one from the current pair because I am just not quiiiiiite happy with the outcome…
crocheted wrist warmers, handmade by Habiba from craftifymylove.com
Not quite there, yet…still too bulky in the top

 Three times is the charm

One train ride later (okeeeey – if you reeeeally must know – I was visiting MY man <3 who sadly doesn’t live round the corner. Yet! *hehehe*) I must say I am ecstatic, because – drum roll please!!! – it worked! Instead of 34 single crochets around the tube I only did 23. And instead of four double crochets in each single crochet in the following row, I only made three. Also I skipped one row altogether and voila – it looks lovely and dainty and my Christmas gift for my sistaaaaaa M is (was – not only was it tricky to do the wrist warmers, this post turned out similarly challenging) safe. Hooray!!!

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crocheted wrist warmers, handmade by Habiba from craftifymylove.com

Lesson learned?

Uuuuummmmm, I don’t think so…at least not in the ‘following instructions’ kind of way. The other day I bought a ball of lovely multi coloured mohair yarn. Again without reading the instructions first. But I swear this one feels about right. Really. It does. (Can anyone else but me see myself heading straight for the cliff again?)

Don’t stress and have fun DIY-ing

Basically what I want to tell you with this post is, mistakes happen, even stupidity happens, and sometimes projects don’t get finished because you’re frustrated or loose interest. And guess what? It doesn’t matter! Either you can find the strength to fix the mistake or the creativity to alter the instructions so the outcome fits your purpose! Or you leave it be, cut your losses, and start the next project. As long as you don’t stress over it and let it ruin your fun in DIY-ing – it’s all good in da hood.

Also, other people might see things differently. I gave all my wristies away as presents and my friends loved them (or at least they pretended to love them ;-)). Perfection isn’t always the goal. It’s things made by yourself, in which you invested your precious time and poured in all of your love!

Always remember that you rock!

Now, I am curious as a little puppy

How many unfinished projects do you have hidden in your craft box? And which project pushed you almost over the brim but you conquered it in the end like ol’ William? I’d love for you to share your experiences with me!

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Dashwood Wrist Warmers handmade by Habiba from craftifymylove.com

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    1. Ein Kommentaraar – juhuuuu! Und jup, gaaaanz genau! Ich war früher oft frustriert, wenn was nicht geklappt hat. Heute sehe ich es einfach als kleinen Umweg oder Lerneffekt oder einfach nur als Wurscht-egahaaaaal 😉

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