5 Simple Remedies for a Highly Stressful Life

5 Tips for a stressful life by Habiba from Craftify My Love. Slow the fuck down. Hand lettered art print by This Unscripted Life.

Hello my beloved three to five followers! Hmmmm…Today my ‘Queen o’ Sarcasm’-self seems to be in charge – hahahahaaaa. Want to know what’s on my mind lately? I am constantly late for something, missed that one, wanted to do this ‘n that, my head is overflowing and I caught myself being mean! To myself, that is and that’s a big NO NO!  Stressful life, anyone?

Everyone of us has 24 h a day. But some just need more rest than others, and thus can’t be as productive. And that sucks!

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See, I got diagnosed with MS in 2008 and learned a thing or two over the past few years. I don’t define myself through this desease but I have to recognise and accept that it affects me, energy wise, every now and then.

Whenever I need to rest the most, life is acting up all of a sudden and seems to be not manageable…

I am a tough cookie and won’t quit! Ever!

I know I can handle everything (even a stressful life, hahaha) and acquired techniques to handle all the shit coming my way. Sometimes I need a friendly reminder, though. How about you?

Now I am sure you know that not all stress is based on negative events. But positive stress takes it’s toll on your body none the less. The list of things that basically run our lives is loooong! And I don’t know about you, but I need to take charge again – in my mind – so I run the show and no one or nothing else!

Symptoms you’re currently living a stressful life

I’ll just list a view topics which are currently nagging me. I bet you’ll recognise some or other…

  • Work
    I love what I do, but sometimes it sucks anyways….nough said ;-))
  • Household
    I’ve never been a super duper housewify person but right now I just try to not drown?. I’ll manage, though, don’t worry, I learned how to swim as a toddler! 😉
  • Exercising
    Aaaaarrggghhhhh…I haven’t moved my behind in ages! Ok, I pinned images with super easy exercising routines and I even bought a 12 week super duper yoga training on a DVD which is supposed to make me suuuuper lean and sexy. Sadly it doesn’t work. Haaarumpf. I really don’t know why? Maaaybe, juuuuust maybe, because I need to actually do it and not just think about it.
  • Blogging
    A gazillion posts are waiting to leave my head, there’s a non existent branding which needs to be thought about. And freakin’ SEO anyone?, activities to find followers and friends out there who are interested in what I have to say, the list goes on…
  • Love
    Bliss! I found love! I found him…finally! And I am proud and excited and I have butterflies and pink glasses on and a goofy smile and I can’t get enough of him and yet this is also an exhausting time in my life: I don’t get enough sleep, I have to alter my routine and we have to learn to be a team, working around all the quirkiness we literally embedded in both our systems the last 30+ years.
  • Family
    Loved ones are gravely sick, other loved ones need attention I can’t give at the moment and bitch about it, and some even dare to die, what’s more to say?
  • Hobbies
    Damn…I love crafting and have a gazillion ideas in mind, but there never ever seems enough time!!!! I really miss crafting and I squeeze in a session every now and then. Obviously I take gazillion pics so I can blog about it one day ???.
  • Personal challenges
    I am inpatient, a perfectionist, I need 9+ hours of sleep a night, and I suffer from MS. Dang!
  • Me time
    The most necessary thing in the world! This is how you restore your energy and it keeps you going. Note to self: You don’t take enough of it at the moment. You need more of it. Amen!

Can you add more symptoms to this list? Let me know in the comments!

5 tricks to handle a stressful life

Or: What to do when life’s a bitch?
Tips for a stressful life by Habiba from Craftify My Love. Slow the fuck down. Hand lettered art print by This Unscripted Life.

Do you like this hand lettered art print I got from my beautiful friend Lizzy? She blogs over at This Unscripted Life and sells tons of wonderful sayings and motivational quotes in her etsy shop. Go, and get one for yourself! They’re all hand lettered by herself!

Do you want to learn how to keep your head over water when struggling with a stressful life?

Then lean back, take time for yourself and practice the following 5 techniques:

    1. No self hatin’
      Nope – don’t even go there!!! Only Self Love is allowed!!! I know it’s tricky – I have to remind myself often enough. I work with visuals to keep in mind that I deserve to be loved, that I should shine like star, that I love my body, that I am a happy person, …
      Therefore prints, sticky notes and chalk boards are all over my place. I even got tattoos as a daily reminder – but I don’t imply you need to do so, of course! 😉
    2. Love yourself
      Taking a bath can do wonders, actually I am taking one right now while typing the raw version into my phone as my thoughts bubble out of my brain like the bubbles in my bathtub.
    3. Prioritise
      Also a tricky biz for peeps like me, who want to get everything done, like NOW! But it’s possible, you know? Write all your projects down and ask yourself a couple questions: Do I really need to do this? Can someone else do it for me? Does it need to be done at all? What will happen if I don’t do it? Until when does it need to be done?
    4. Ask for help
      I know my strength and my weaknesses. And I need to face a weakness in the following weeks, so I’ve asked a friend for help. Lucky me, my weakness is her strength and we’ll rock this thing together!
    5. Sleep
      If push comes to shove, cancel your plans and take one or several naps, sleep in or call it an early night. When was the last time you’ve slept more than 7 hours? Refuel on energy and everything will be much easier on the next day. You’ll see!

Me, myself and I

Tips for a stressful life by Habiba from Craftify My Love. Love yourself. Me, myself and I, tattoo.

  • I know dealing with the everyday challenges in life can be stressful.
  • I know that we all want to excel at what we do.
  • I know we want to be there for the ones we love.
  • We want to be better, faster, earn more and be outstanding.

Please always remember:

You can achieve whatever you aim for BUT only if you take good care of yourself! You need to come FIRST, and then comes everyone else.

I hope you’re the boss of your own life.

Or you’re at least working on it. Rock on, you!??

I would be thrilled to hear your thoughts about this topic. Maybe you got some other superb techniques to handle a mega stressful life?

• Habiba •

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5 Tips for a stressful life by Habiba from Craftify My Love. Slow the fuck down. Hand lettered art print by This Unscripted Life.

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  1. Puh, in solchen Zeiten bin ich nicht zu ertragen. Ich mag mich dann selber nicht und lasse das leider viele spüren. Nicht so kritisch mit mir und anderen zu sein fällt dann extrem schwer. Was ich dagegen tue? Ich versuche die sozialen Medien zu kappen, meine Zeitfresser zu eliminieren, Sport hilft die Gedanken zu eliminieren. Aber ein Patentrezept, das fehlt mir noch…
    Hab eine schöne, neue und entspannte Woche <3

    1. Deine ganzen Maßnahmen hören sich sehr sinnvoll an! Danke für deine Rückmeldung meine Liebe!

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