Homemade Apple Sauce
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Preserve
  • (wrinkly) apples and
  • cinnamon (my favorite) or
  • ginger or
  • nutmeg or
  • vanilla and
  • dates (I'd suggest one per apple) or
  • raisins (yuk, not my taste - but it's an option after all) or
  • agave sirup or
  1. Peel the apples, get rid of the core and cut the apples into thumb sized pieces.
  2. Put them in a pot and add a splash of boiling water (don't use too much or you'll loose all the natural apple flavor).
  3. Add additional FLAVORS and NATURALLY SWEETENERS to your liking and cook for - say - 5 minutes.
Now you have three choices:
1. Leave the apple compete as it is right now - with bigger bits and pieces.
2. You can mash the apples to reduce the size and number of those bits and pieces, or
3. you can put it all into a food processor and blend it till its literally a sauce.

Making Preserves:
Go find some empty jars and wash them with boiling water. You could also place them in your oven at a super high degree for a super long time (please ask my friend google if you want to try this method for sterilizing your jars). Fill in the still boiling apple sauce, right after it's to your liking. Watch it - it's super hot!!! Seriously, don't burn your fingers, please!

Now this is important:
Fill the jars to the brim, close the lid (you might want to use a dish cloth to hold the jars, because as of now they will be scorching hot), and turn them up side down to cool down. Yep - you've read that right! Up side down, please! When they're cold they will last many months.

Once you reopen up the lids, you'll hear a 'plop' - this is when the vacuum seal is broken! After that you should store your apple sauce in the fridge and probably eat it within a week.
Recipe by Craftify My Love at https://craftifymylove.com/2017/04/16/never-ever-throw-away-old-apples/