How to make Paper Roses for various Crafts Projects

This image shows ever-blooming paper roses and offers a free tutorial

How it all began

I once had a big project going on. I was so fed up of winter and was craving summer and all the blooming flowers that I decided I’ll make myself an ever-blooming rose bush for my bedroom. On one of my walks I collected some big branches and brought them home. All that was left was crafting gazillion little paper roses to decorate the bush with. As I love butterflies, too, I bought myself a biology poster and cut them out and glued them to the bush. Absolutely darling to wake up to this magnificence every morning, I tell ya!

More and more paper roses

Throughout the years I realized that my paper roses come in handy every now and then. I recreated them so often, trying out new materials, having new projects in mind, you name it! I applied them to a heart shaped spring wreath I bought on a farmer marked to make it a little bit more unique. And I made several ever-blooming mini rose bushes. They make for a good gift especially for Mother’s Day I think.