5 LOW-Budget or NO-Budget Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Low-Budget or No-Budget gift ideas for valentine's day by Habiba from CraftifyMyLove.com

While sitting here and making up my mind about this posts content, I feel a little anger bubbling up inside of me. Aaaarrrrggggg…maybe it’s time for a little ranting. Because I am of the opinion that it’s always good to clean your inside by exhaling your frustration. Loud of course 😉

I am 36 now and I never – let me spell that our for you – I     n e v e r    got a (thoughtful) valentines day gift from a man (my mum and even girlfriends gave me little somethings that got me all teary eyed, of course!) before. Ooookey – I might have received a gift or two, but I had to put a gun to the mans chest and demand he better give me something. And it was anything but thoughtful, as you surely might guess.

So here I am now – dreading the upcoming holiday – and reflecting over the various opinions about Valentine’s Day that I’ve heard so far and what gifts I really would enjoy receiving. Want to know what I came up with?